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AskNicely NPS for Intercom Messenger

Brands that are serious about improving customer experience are those that put engagement and feedback front and center.

Aligned on this vision for several years now, AskNicely and Intercom again join forces to help companies differentiate on better user experiences, empower their teams and grow faster by leveraging customer feedback, which Intercom’s Des Traynor calls “business oxygen.”With the existing AskNicely-Intercom 2-way integration, customers of AskNicely for NPS and Intercom for engagement have always been able to gather customer feedback via email — but now, with the AskNicely NPS Chat app for Intercom Messenger, users can now collect and respond to feedback and measure NPS at specific customer journey touchpoints right from Messenger.What does that unlock? More value for both you and your customer at every interaction.

  • More relevant engagement.
  • Better personalization.
  • Greater understanding of sentiment at key touchpoints.
  • An empowered team that can quickly hone in on the next best action.
  • Dig deeper into problems to get to the why faster.

Find more details in the Intercom App Store. Help documentation is also available here.

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