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AskNicely Levels Up Salesforce Marketing Cloud NPS Capabilities

Activate your Customer Marketing Wonder Twin powers with Marketing Cloud NPS

You may remember the Wonder Twins from the SuperFriends cartoon TV series. They are Zan and Jayna, alien siblings from the planet Exxor with shapeshifting abilities — but they can only activate them when they touch hands. Zan has the ability to morph into any form of water, while Jayna can transform into any animal.Amazing alone, but better together. I think most marketers would agree that this approach — joining forces with your counterparts in Customer Success — is the best way to do consistently super things across the full customer lifecycle.But, even working in lockstep, it’s tough to be a customer engagement hero without a 360-degree understanding.

Presenting Native Salesforce Marketing Cloud NPS Software

For those out there forging along this path, Salesforce Marketing Cloud can be a one-stop shop for most of what’s needed to maintain a trusted connection with customers, including customer journey mapping.Now imagine knowing what your customers are thinking and feeling at each moment of truth, and capturing that as a straightforward metric. What if you could add the ability to better personalize interactions at scale, continually optimize journeys, and report on progress with an extra dimension of sentiment-based data?To better help companies achieve this vision, AskNicely has released a best-in-class integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which helps you:

  • Automatically send high-response NPS surveys based on any trigger and schedule
  • Understand sentiment at specific customer journey touchpoints or lifecycle stages
  • Capture real-time NPS scores and responses at the Contact and Account levels
  • Close the loop with automated workflows

Above: Automatically trigger NPS surveys at any point in a customer journey

Above: Now collect NPS Scores and feedback which will show in Marketing Cloud as soon as customers complete surveys

Sound good? Get together with your counterpart in Customer Success or Marketing and book a demo to learn more. Or, if you’re ready to get started, take a look under the hood in our help docs here and here.


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