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AskNicely and Zapier – because MORE is more when it comes to NPS.

So, you probably know by now that NPS is a great way to measure customer happiness (we do mention it every now and then). But let’s be honest, each business is different and each of their customers, different again so if you want to get REALLY useful data out of your Net Promoter Score™ program, a one-size fits all approach will never work.And that’s why we’ve always focused on making sure AskNicely plays nice with as many other systems as possible. Because when you plug AskNicely together with other systems (think CRM, Help Desk, Ecommerce and anywhere else you put customer data) you get NPS collected and measure in a way that’s perfect for your business and your customers.So that’s why we’re super excited to roll-out our new integration with Zapier.Zapier connects over 750 different SaaS apps and business systems, and does it easily! Many of you are probably already using Zapier, but if you’re not – check out which of your existing systems they integrate with.With 750+ apps to connect with via Zapier, there are loads of opportunities to tailor AskNicely to your needs, but I wanted to highlight just a few.

Follow up an eCommerce order with an NPS survey

Makes sense right? Follow up a new customer soon after their first order to see how they rate you as a business. After all, it’s those new customers coming back and becoming repeat business that will really move the needle on your business! Here’s a couple of extra bits to think about which are now possible with AskNicely and Zapier:How soon should you survey – set the delay time to survey when triggering through Zapier so that you reach the customer at the best possible time. Don’t just think about shipping time here, think about how long it takes the customer to start using your product and see value from it– in some cases it’ll make most sense to ask them (nicely of course) within a few days of receiving their order. For other businesses, it might make sense to wait a little longer. You even have the option of creating different Zaps for different order types if needed!Follow up surveys – While that first engagement is an important one, think about the next point you’d like to survey. With a longer delay you can set a follow up survey in a few months. Or maybe you have customer that place frequent orders (like an online grocery business) in which case, you can use AskNicely’s contact rules to set the frequency of surveys so that you don’t send someone a request after every order (the default is once every 3 months, but this is fully customisable).More detailed NPS data – Measuring NPS across the whole business is great, but it’s more useful when you can also identify ratings for different areas or product ranges, so consider tagging NPS surveys when triggering through Zapier – this will give you the ability to view scores separately in the AskNciely dashboard and reports. Think about things like the type of product a customer purchased, the type of shipping they selected, the region they’re located in – all of these could be variables that affect how likely a customer is to recommend you. And if you know which customers are more or less likely to recommend you, then you can work with those segments specifically to grow your business!See our Zap templates for Shopify and Magento, or connect your Amazon Seller account or shipping services like SendOwl or ShipStation

Our Zap templates on Zapier make it super easy to setup our most popular Zaps - check them out

Follow up Support tickets

For services and SaaS businesses a support ticket is a great trigger point for an NPS survey – you’ll get far better response rates and more accurate results by surveying customers when you know they’ve recently engaged with your brand.Here’s a couple of tips when using Zapier to connect support ticket systems like Zendesk and AskNicely:To survey, or not to survey – you might not want to survey after every engagement with your help desk. The AskNicely contact rules give you the ability to define how often a customer can be surveyed, but you might also want to consider what types of engagement you want to follow up with a survey. For example, in some cases it might make sense to trigger a survey as soon as a ticket is opened, for others, you might only want to trigger once it’s closed. Other filters could include the type of ticket.More detailed NPS data – In addition to filtering based on different ticket types, you might also like to tag NPS surveys with the ticket type to be able to view NPS by ticket type in AskNicely dashboards and reports. Another one you might like to consider is tagging with Agent’s names, so you can identify your best performers and any weak points in the team, even consider creating a weekly NPS leader board within your support team!

Visibility of NPS across the organisation

We give you some great dashboards in AskNicely and with partners like Klipfolio and Geckoboard but sometimes it also helps to highlight NPS in other tools so that the whole organisation can get across it and that monitoring Net Promoter Score becomes part of your daily business practice.Here’s just a couple of ideas:Post NPS responses in internal message boards – Highlight new NPS feedback in tools like Slack, Yammer or Salesforce Chatter. If you use one of these tools daily, then it’s a great way of boosting awareness and focus across the business – try our Zap template for Slack.Posting into organisational toolslike Google docs can also help increase not only visibility but also increase the usability of your NPS data. If you run reports regularly off Google docs or other online docs like Office 365 or Smartsheet then saving data from new surveys to a sheet can automate your regular reporting processes and make it super easy to push that data out across the business.There’s a ton of possibilities with Zapier – we’ll share some more on here over the coming weeks, but here’s a few to think about in the meantime: Trigger NPS surveys on new subscriptions in billing software like Chargebee, Follow up Live chat conversations or sharing NPS data with your CRM or marketing automation platform like Hubspot.We’ve also worked with Zapier to build a range of Zap templates for a range of the other top apps our customers use – check them out – it takes less than 5 minutes to get up and running!

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