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Auror's Path to 80 NPS (and Why You Should Care)

What do crime fighting, SaaS technology, real-time customer feedback and New Zealand all have in common?

A lot, actually.

Auror: Making the World a Safer Place with Data

Auror is a New Zealand-based SaaS company that provides real-time crime intelligence. In other words, they provide retailers and law enforcement agencies with the right information at the right time to help them solve crimes as quickly as possible. Not your everyday SaaS company, right?

Where Magic Meets Real-Time Data

If you’re a Harry Potter fan like me, the name Auror probably sounds familiar. In case you need a refresher, in J.K. Rowling’s magical world of wizardry, Aurors are an elite unit of highly-trained wizards and witches who basically uphold the law and product local communities.

Auror lives in a similarly magical world. “Our job is to do magic with data, helping crime fighters solve and prevent crimes more effectively,” says Tom Batterbury, Auror Co-founder. In New Zealand, shoplifting alone costs retailers more than $2 million every day. On top of that, the existing technology is far from real-time. Batterbury expands, “Many police forces have legacy systems that were developed in the 80s — black screens, green text, etc.” Combine the massive impact on profitability and the lack of modern technology, and you have a perfect opportunity for a new, relevant and innovative company to completely transform legacy technology to make the world a better place.

Auror’s 9-month NPS Journey

Like any up-and-coming SaaS startup, rapid growth is a big part of Auror’s roadmap to success. By the time the Auror team stumbled upon AskNicely, they were already rapidly growing into greater New Zealand and beyond — right into Australia.“NPS touches every aspect of our company,” muses Batterbury. “Every team, every role can positively influence NPS, which makes it powerful.” When Auror started tracking NPS, the general feeling was that their score was low. It turned out that they were already killing it in the customer happiness department, with an NPS of 50. So from there, they immediately decided to start setting some realistic, yet big benchmarks.“We’d love to see our NPS reach 70 or 80,” says Batterbury.

“Every team, every role can positively influence NPS, which makes it powerful.”

Tom Batterbury, Co-Founder at Auror

Why you should care about Auror’s journey to 80 NPS

Right out of the gate, Auror easily identified three major areas of business impact:

  1. User happiness - By receiving automated customer feedback daily, Auror had a clearer understanding of their customers’ health. This also helped the customer success team to engage with the right customers at the right time to prevent churn.
  2. Open dialogue with crime fighters - Like any SaaS brand, the closer you are to your users the better your product becomes. Automated customer feedback allowed Auror to regularly engage with their robust community of crime fighters — ultimately resulting in a more cohesive product roadmap and development strategy.
  3. Measurable impact by geography - Lastly, Auror was able to measure business impact by geography. This has become an essential component of product development and overall growth. Since Auror’s produce has a network effect, it becomes more useful as more users and more data are captured within the Auror community.

The lesson here is simple. Amazing experiences create happy customers. Happy customers create meaningful relationships with your brand. Those meaningful relationships help you grow your business, improve your processes and elevate your product.

Get the full Auror story here.

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