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NPS streaming live to a small screen near you

“The AskNicely app has been one of the most exciting additions to our customer toolkit this year ena...

Thought Leadership

Surveys Kill Kittens

What is it that holds the internet up? Once you get past Facebook and Twitter and sports results and...

Thought Leadership

NPS Black Belt Guide – Orange Belt: Picking out the easy targets

Step 4 - We’re sending out some surveys and starting to get some data back - data you can use straig...

Thought Leadership

Growth Hacks from the 18th Century

In 18th century Prussia, Frederick the Great faced a tricky dilemma. To combat volatile bread prices...

Customer Experience

The 90’s called, and they want their survey back.

This story starts with a whinge – which breaks the first rule of marketing – but people keep asking ...


Dashboards: Driving Your Business Like a Sports Car, Not a School Bus

Having the right dashboard can revolutionize your business in terms of success and your own enjoymen...


Announcing Klipfolio Integration

How is this for double-cheese pizza - we have teamed up with the guys at Klipfolio! So what the heck...


G2 Crowd names AskNicely as High Performer in Enterprise Feedback Software category

Business software review platform G2 Crowd recently named AskNicely as a "High Performer" in the Ent...

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