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Customer Story

Biteable’s Evolution to a Customer-Centric Product Roadmap

As a product team, you require a deep understanding of your customers’ complex problems. Without it, how do you know if you’re innovating in the right direction? Are you fixing real pain points, or are you spending time and money on features that might not actually matter to your customers? Collecting real-time feedback not only enables you to get a quick temperature-read on your customers, but it gives your team authentic, actionable insights that you can apply to your roadmap for quicker innovation and faster iteration cycles. Biteable, using AskNicely to track customer sentiment and inject feedback right into their product plans, shares their story to illustrate just how important feedback is in fashioning a customer-centric roadmap.

The Business of Helping Customers Tell StoriesFounded in 2014, Biteable was created with the mission of providing accessible, affordable video creation for all. Until then, video animation and production was too costly and time consuming for most small businesses to take on. Enter Biteable, offering an easy templatized process for creating all kinds of snappy videos in minutes — to tell a story, show an idea, or promote your brand. Uncovering Customer HappinessFor as much as Biteable does to help brands tell their stories, they realized they were missing a big part of their own: customer sentiment. By relying only on feedback collected ad hoc by support reps or scraped from support tickets (both of which typically occur during moments of frustration), Biteable tended to believe their customers were generally unhappy with the product. After a trusted advisor suggested they start measuring their Net Promoter Score and formally collecting feedback, Biteable implemented AskNicely. Soon they were unearthing more pieces of the puzzle — including loads of positive feedback from happy customers, which came as a welcome surprise to the product team.Putting Customer Feedback to WorkWith a clearer overall picture of what they were doing right, and where they had room for improvement, Biteable took their customer feedback straight to the product roadmap. “We’re building the features that matter, rather than just pleasing the most vocal people,” James, CEO and Cofounder at Biteable explained. Soon their NPS began trending upward, and the ensuing engagement with customers allowed them to naturally identify and activate their advocates. Read the case study to learn just how all of these factors led them to three million happy customers and counting.


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Jenny Mayo

Jenny is AskNicely’s Marketing Coordinator. Her experience in both tech and hospitality give her a keen understanding and passion for customer experience. Outside the office walls, you can find Jenny hula hooping, crocheting unicorn hats for her friends, or walking her canine child, Stella (who may or may not have a tiny unicorn hat of her own).

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