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DiscoverOrg: Finding the Peppermint Bark Moment

For Katie Bullard — Chief Growth Officer at DiscoverOrg, the leading marketing and sales intelligence provider — it took years of miserable holiday shopping experiences to recognize a truly great one. That moment came from a simple gesture at a busy Crate & Barrel store. To ease holiday stress, employees began handing out delicious peppermint bark to customers waiting in line.

When Customers Become Salespeople

“When I left, I started telling everybody: You have to go to Crate & Barrel the day after Christmas, it’s the best thing ever!” Katie recounted. She was already a loyal C&B customer, but that piece of peppermint bark turned an exhausting experience into a delightful one. She was excited to tell others about it. Just like that, she went from customer to advocate.

The Moments that Matter

Katie thought about how that experience could translate to DiscoverOrg’s B2B business. They had to find the moments that matter to their clients. So, they overhauled their customer marketing program. Instead of repeatedly asking for referrals from their customers, they created experiences and moments for their customers — which is the kind of thing that breeds brand advocacy naturally. In one example, they began quietly sending Starbucks gift cards to customers who added their certification badge on LinkedIn. They also launched the #DiscoverOrgSuccess campaign, inviting customers to post their greatest success stories when using DiscoverOrg tools. This put the customers in the spotlight and celebrated their triumphs, but also garnered a wealth of glowing testimonials in the process.

Find Your Peppermint Bark Moment

“The point is, really figure out: what are the moments that matter in your customers’ experience?” Katie concluded. “What’s the peppermint bark that gets your customers excited to talk about you?”Watch her full talk in the video above for even more incredible CX inspiration, including everything from peppermint bark to Game of Thrones to a new car.Thank you to Katie for sharing DiscoverOrg’s story at our latest CX Obsession event. Be sure to stay tuned for more videos, stories, and details on our next event. Want to see CX Obsession happen in your city? Hit us up on Twitter @asknicely!

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