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NPS for Beginners

Your Five-Minute NPS Implementation Plan

NPS in 5 minutes? Sounds great! What’s the catch?

No catch! Also no free steak knives! Sorry. :\

One of the many great things about Net Promoter Score (NPS) is that it takes next to no time to get started. At the risk of ringing our own bell, getting your first survey out the door with AskNicely is almost offensively simple:

Log in

Log in to AskNicely

Add contacts

Import contacts into AskNicely

Send surveys

Send NPS surveys from AskNicely

See? Simple! If you need a little more help figuring out how to implement NPS, we’ve put this really quick guide together. Give it a read – it’ll only take a few minutes.

Why do you need NPS? (0:00 - 1:00 )

First things first: you can’t implement NPS until you get clear on why you want NPS.

Is it because NPS launched HubSpot to stardom? Do you just want a number you can lord over the competition? Or do you want to do something useful with NPS - like get more reviews, or personalize marketing content?

If your answer is something along the lines of “we want to use NPS to find out how customers think so we can improve our service, get more referrals and maximize customer value”, then you’re on the right track.

Who do you need to talk to and when? (1:01 - 3:00)

Who do you need to survey and how often? The answer to this is really going to depend on the information you’re hoping to collect and what you’re planning on doing with it.

Uncover customer sentiment

Uncover customer sentiment in AskNicely

If you want a picture of overall customer happiness, then survey a subset of your customer base periodically and see which way your score is heading.

Activate advocates

For more online reviews and referred customers, use NPS to identify promoters and add them to marketing’s referral and loyalty programs.

Make people happier

Identify passives and detractors, have your customer success team follow up with them directly, and add them to a product nurturing program to discourage churn. Revisit for feedback frequently to make sure their experience has improved.

Follow up with non-responders

Make sure you’re not polling respondents too frequently; survey fatigue is a real thing and it’s likely to get annoying. You can get away with sending repeat surveys to non-respondents to encourage their feedback however.

Improve your business functions

Use feedback to improve business functions

Customer service

Send customers a survey when they finish a call or chat with a customer service rep, or when a helpdesk ticket is resolved.


Trigger a survey when a customer completes an online purchase, when a cart is abandoned, or when they engage with an agent on your site.


Send customers a survey 2 weeks after a completed purchase for feedback on the product (give them a chance to use it first!).

This kind of automated survey triggering is obviously a little more complicated than just firing off a batch of emails every few weeks, so, again, think about what data you need and how you’re going to use it to become more awesome.

Where’s the best place to reach people? (3:01 - 4:00)

How are you planning on reaching customers? The default for most NPS tools is email, but in-app or web pop-ups might be more effective for certain customers.

NPS surveys via email, web and app


Email’s a good way to reach most people (who doesn’t have an email address?), so it’s the de facto default for NPS feedback. Email’s also good if you’re reaching out to lapsed customers; they’re unlikely to engage with you online but probably still have an email address.

In-app and web surveys

If your customers haven’t shared an email address or never open survey emails, use web or app popup surveys to encourage responses. And if your customers are younger you may find they use the app or visit your site more often and are comfortable with modal surveys, so you’ll get a decent response rate.


Text messages aren’t great for frequent or large-scale surveys, but may be effective at reaching those few without an email address or who never seem to visit your site.

How will you make NPS happen? (4:01 - 5:00)

The best way to make NPS happen quickly is it automate the heck out of it and save yourself some people-power.

It’s OK to start small – just don’t stay small

The simplest NPS software may not be able to trigger surveys as precisely as you can with the more capable tools, but for a small sample or a brief test it’s probably not a deal breaker. You can still do some basic analysis on the data, so you’ll have your NPS score, be able to identify who’s happy and unhappy, and hopefully also have some feedback to go through.

It’s a bit rough and ready, and requires more manual intervention, but it’s a start. And it’s definitely doable in 5 minutes.

Professional NPS tools save time and money

If you’re looking for the best way to get NPS data with very little messing around, tools like AskNicely are the smart way to go. Dedicated NPS tools manage the entire process for you, from sending out surveys to giving you a quick way to analyze the responses and follow up with customers directly.

You don’t have to integrate them with your marketing automation platform, your helpdesk software or your CRM, but they’re undeniably more useful if you do (more on that in our Advanced NPS webinar).

AskNicely NPS Hubspot integration

To be fair you’re probably looking at adding another few minutes to your implementation if you decide to hook all your systems up – but since you’re doing this to become way more awesome at customer happiness, why would you not take the time? Go make a coffee while the computers do their thing. You’re worth it.

5 minute NPS implementation plan

Simple, right? In the next installment we’ll show you how to launch NPS with zero drama. Stay tuned!

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