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NPS Best Practices

4 Ways to Get More Out of Your NPS

Customer experience is one of the hottest trends in 2018 and NPS (Net Promoter Score) is a great way to measure CX.  By now you’re either on the bandwagon or you're lagging behind your competition. But if all you’re doing is sending out yearly surveys to your customer list, you’re missing out. Here are four ways to get more out of your NPS survey:

1. Create a Plan (Think)

I know you’re tempted to skip this part and just send out your surveys. But smart planning is the number one way to get more out of your NPS program. We’ll cover this topic in depth in a future blog post. But in short, be sure you know who you’re going to survey and what you want from them. Knowing in advance how you want to segment your customers can help you pull more information out of your NPS. Plan when you’re going to survey them. Consider mapping your NPS surveys to customer journeys. Current best practices include measuring sentiment at key ‘’moments of truth’, and not sending in batches, but automatically triggering in real time. Next, create strategic workflows so that the right person sees the response and can correspond immediately. Brainstorm how you’re going to respond. If a score is good, you can ask for reviews. If the score is low, you can ask them why. Ensure your team understands how to respond. Lastly, plan how to incorporate responses into your corporate culture.

2. Collect the Data (Listen)

Collect data thoughtfully. This is easy once you have a plan in place. Determine when and how you want to ask your customers if they would recommend you to someone they know. Here’s an example:Let’s say you are a high growth Human Resources SaaS company. You may have one high-volume customer who needs a worker for a different department each week. Do you want to survey them after every interaction? Probably not, you will find that your clients get survey fatigue. An example of a best practice is to send a survey 90 days after a triggering event like on-boarding. As you get into the customer-obsessed mindset, you can dig into your customer journey and discover when it’s best to send a survey to your audience. You may even want to send a survey at different touchpoints in their journey.  

3. Create Workflows (Respond)

It’s not enough to know what your customers think of you. If you don’t react, they will think you aren’t listening and stop talking. Your best move is to listen and respond. Assign workflows so that the right information gets to the right person at the right time. Here’s an example:Let’s go back to the first scenario. Your role is customer service manager at the HR SaaS company, and you get an NPS survey response with a promoter score of 10, but they didn’t leave a comment. You see that the client is in Bridget’s region. You pass the score on to Bridget and she takes action. Bridget thanks the client for the great score and asks them what the best part of their experience was. Even better, Bridget asks for a testimonial or offers a link to your review site to leave a positive review. The customer is impressed that Bridget responded to a positive review and so quickly. They leave a good review on a site and you’ve just generated a solid referral. Both Bridget and the customer are feeling great about the experience.

4. Gamify Your Results (Create Internal Buy-in)

Surveys and workflows alone are not enough. You need internal buy-in. Most likely your boss has bought in, but if your front-line responders aren’t engaged, then you risk losing the respond part of your customer’s experience. How do you get your frontline engaged? Communication and training. Remember your plan? Let the front line know what your objective is. Train them on how to garner reviews or respond when something isn’t quite right. You can even gamify NPS by sharing who has what score and celebrate good ones. Keep your scores front and center so that the entire team can watch as scores rise, or huddle when they lower.By following these four steps you'll get more value out of your NPS program, better engage your team and take your entire company to a higher level of customer obsession.Want to learn more about NPS? We actually wrote the book of NPS. Get it here.  Or to find out how AskNicely's NPS software can help, click below:


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