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The Customer Obsession Revolution Will Be Televised

In case you missed it, the age of the customer has arrived with no plans of leaving us anytime soon. This means, not only is the customer always right, but the customer is always on. The always-on customer demands immediate attention from everyone in your organization — from the C-suite to customer success to your product team. According to Forrester Research, the biggest risk in this new customer-obsessed era is timing (taking action on customer feedback too early or too late). Without real-time data on customer experience, you are left flying blind to your customers’ needs, pain points, and general brand sentiment via their experience with your product.  

Customer Obsession as a Growth Strategy

In fact, customer obsession is now both non-negotiable and a recipe for growth. Dimension Data’s 2017 Global Customer Experience (CX) Benchmarking Report, indicated that:

  • More than 80% of B2B brands view excellent CX as a business differentiator
  • 84% of B2B organizations reported revenue growth associated with smoother CX
  • 79% reported major cost savings as a result of improved CX
When you pair real-time customer feedback with NPS, you can make this story your story.We want to show you how.

Join us for a special webinar

On March 14th at 11am PST / 2pm EST, we’re co-hosting a new webinar with TMC affectionately titled, “NPS Everywhere: The Competitive Advantage of a Customer-Obsessed Culture.” You’ll hear from customer success leaders as the tell the street-level stories of how they use real-time customer feedback to develop customer-obsessed cultures for maximum business impact. The panel discussion will be led by our own VP of Customer Success and Advocacy, Leah Chaney (here's a blog post she wrote on the subject for TSIA). Leah brings 16+ years of rapid-growth customer success experience to the conversation. She will also be joined by Fleetio’s Director of Customer Success, Wendy Pochop, along with Zapproved’s Customer Success Operations Manager, Michelle Ruch.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • NPS foundations and how it can affect every business segment
  • The business impact of true customer obsession
  • How Fleetio uses real-time NPS to impact every aspect of their business

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