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We're a Leader on G2 Crowd (thanks to you)

We don’t like to do it too often, but once in a while, we need to take a step back and acknowledge our wins.And none of these victories — large or small — are even remotely possible without our thousands of wonderful customers that inspire us to make gathering and acting on real-time feedback easy, intuitive and responsive. We are in the real-time NPS-powered customer feedback business after all.

So when we found out that we earned Leader status in the latest G2 Crowd Grid Report® as well as the #1 highest-ranked in customer satisfaction for Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM), we were all smiles.

What is Enterprise Feedback Management?

In simple terms, EFM is any type of software tool that lets an organization turn customer feedback into actionable information. (Hey! That’s what we do!) The ideal EFM-based software tool helps businesses use feedback to create better customer experiences (There we are again!).

Through your feedback on G2 Crowd, we are proving out our ability to use the net promoter score framework to turn real-time feedback into meaningful business impact.

Being a leader is a strong and simple indicator that we mean what we say.

Reaching leader status on G2 Crowd is not a reason for us to parade our successes around various digital city streets. It simply means that we drink our own champagne when it comes to customer feedback. In other words, when you talk we listen. We not only hear your feedback, we share it with the right team.

We not only share it with the right team, but that team is set off on a mission to put your feedback into action. Simply put, this coveted leader status means that you:

  • Love us
  • Trust us
  • Recommend us

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You can access the full report here.

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