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Legendary Tales of Customer Experience: A Jar of Oysters

This is the next in an ongoing series of stories about how innovative businesses create customer experiences that surprise, delight, and grow their brand through customer advocacy.

A Jar of Oysters: Empowering Teams to Surprise and Delight

New Seasons Market

“How good are these oysters?”“Well to be honest we’ve gotten mixed reviews. Would you like to try them and see for yourself?” The supermarket employee asked.“Can you do that?”“Sure,” he replied, unscrewed the top of the oyster jar and offered it. “What do you think?”After a taste, “To be honest they are so-so.”“I understand. As I said, they have gotten mixed reviews. I’ll let the manager know your opinion.” He closed the jar and wrote down a note on a clipboard.“Seriously, you can just do that?”Sure,” he said. “We’re encouraged to help customers make good decisions on the food that they buy. Don’t worry, the oysters won’t go to waste. Someone will take them home and cook them up tonight. Is there anything else I can help you with?”“No, but I’m really impressed with your customer experience.”

How do you empower your team to create a wow moment?

People crave stories they can share with family and friends or in blogs. Enabling your team to think on their feet and create outstanding experiences is one way to create advocates and word-of-mouth. Outstanding customer experiences can drive retention and growth.Want more stories of how customer-obsessed brands create wow moments? Check out these videos from CX Obsession.Want to create your own legendary CX experience? AskNicely can help. Get a Demo to see how.

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