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Listening for Smiles from the Frontline at Ruby

Empowering your frontline team to deliver awesome experiences to every customer, every time is a key ingredient to driving repeat business, referrals and growth. 

Well, what if your team’s job was to take that one step further - to serve as the virtual frontline for your own customers?

That is exactly the case at Ruby, the live virtual receptionist and chat company that works with over 10,000 small business owners to make meaningful connections with their most important asset: their customers.  

What is Ruby’s secret to delivering awesome for their customers’ customers every time? 

And how has their team of 600 Rubys come together during COVID-19 to rethink their business, innovate their services, and maintain their exceptional level of culture and frontline engagement? 

I sat down with their CMO, Rebecca Grimes, to find out. 

In this video interview, Rebecca shares some of Ruby’s special formula for actively creating and nurturing a rich culture, leading with empathy and compassion in all situations, and translating that into authentic commitment to Ruby customers. 

Rebecca also shares examples of how Ruby and Ruby’s customers are innovating their own service delivery and customer engagement during this time. For Ruby, this meant fast tracking a product launch to expand receptionist services to support their customers around the clock. 

Ruby launched a full, new service offering in the midst of relocating their own team remote

Have you changed the way you are delivering your products or services or found new ways to connect with your customers and front-line teams? Have you been inspired by others who have done so? 

If so, we would love to hear about it. Please reach out to me via LinkedIn or at

About the author

Nina Church-Adams

Nina leads the marketing team at AskNicely and wants to connect with you on LinkedIn to discuss all things customer experience, marketing, leadership, culture, and inclusion. With recent marketing leadership roles in FinTech, MarTech, and now CXTech, Nina loves being a part of the vibrant Portland tech community.

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