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“The AskNicely app has been one of the most exciting additions to our customer toolkit this year enabling me to put travel time to good use checking in on what our customers are saying and engaging with them directly from my phone.”

Cath Stone

Head of Customer Strategy, Jetstar

It's official. We've launched our brand new mobile app. That's right, you can now use AskNicely to collect and act on customer feedback in real-time on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Act on Customer Feedback in Real Time From Anywhere

Over the past three years, we’ve worked tirelessly to make it super easy to collect, analyze and action customer feedback using our browser based-app.To take NPS to the next level, you need a simple way to get a given customer’s feedback into the hands of the right person, immediately.

That’s what the AskNicely mobile app does (literally).

It provides an easy way for your whole team to instantly engage with customers, for their specific role, anytime and from anywhere. This means you can take the right action at the right time from anywhere. This makes it incredibly easy to incorporate real-time feedback into the daily routine for everyone from the CEO to frontline staff.

Ready to start collecting and acting on customer feedback and real time from anywhere? Get the mobile app on your device platform of choice below.

iPhone App                    Android App

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Aaron Ward

Aaron is the Co-Founder and CEO of AskNicely and one-time undefeated boxer (because it was only one time). He's a passionate evangelist for the new religion of advocacy but when he’s not spreading the gospel of NPS, he’s spending time with his lovely family. Or binge-watching Rocky movies.

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