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NPS Surveys: Not Just For Customer Success Anymore

Some businesses are convinced that NPS surveys and customer experiences fall squarely on the shoulders of the customer success team. Often marketing is the next department concerned with NPS. After all, aren't they are the keepers of the company reputation? What if I told you that companies who include a more holistic approach to their NPS—and take action on it—are more than twice as likely to have greater than 100% growth and net negative churn?Want to know how?

NPS Strategy Requires a Team Effort

According to The NPS Benchmark Study, the best practitioners involve everyone in the company including executives, operations, product, marketing, customer success, human resources, and administration.

Executive Buy-in for Net Promoter Score

NPS and Internal Executive Team

Of people with mature NPS programs, 70%  have high-level executive buy-in, and those executives see actioning NPS survey responses as a high-level initiative. These executives empower the entire company to make the NPS a daily, weekly and monthly measure of a high-quality customer experience.

80% of those actioning NPS surveys discuss customer feedback at team meetings. 56% share feedback via email and 36% use dashboards on all screens to keep customer feedback at the forefront of every employee's mind.

NPS For Product

When it comes to product, companies who automate NPS use transactional and relationship surveys to guide the product roadmap, iterate on product features and improvements and are better able to measure the ROI of product development. Click here to read how Biteable does this.

NPS For Marketing, Sales, Customer Success

Marketing uses customer feedback to determine the ROI on campaigns and initiatives. Sales uses NPS for insights and customer success stories. Customer Success uses NPS to identify the risk of churn and take action on it to keep customers happy and loyal.  See how Ackerman Security does it here.

NPS For HR And Administration

Human Resources uses real-time candidate feedback to improve processes and ability to recruit the best. Administration can empower its employees to act in ways that ensure every customer experience is important. Automate insights and business reports to drive decisions. Xplornet has mastered empowering employees. Click here to read more.

Action Every NPS Survey

Once you have the entire team on board, it’s important to actively drive your customer feedback program. Do this by using transactional and relational NPS.  Then send out surveys at least quarterly and segment them. This makes it easier to action your feedback. Also, highly customize offers based on responses. Customization gives an average response rate of 51% or higher. Next, create workflows which allow your teams to act on the NPS data within days or weeks —or even hours. This effectively increases revenue and reduces customer churn.By involving the entire company in actioning NPS, those surveyed were able to see significant growth in revenues and real reduction in churn.Want more insights into successful NPS programs? Download the NPS Benchmark Study.

NPS Benchmark

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