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Ruby Receptionists: Putting Their Customers First (by Actually Putting Them Second)

Want to amp up your brand’s customer experience, but aren’t sure where to start? Christina Burns, VP of Customer Success at Ruby Receptionists, is here to give us the secret to a truly customer-obsessed company culture: be first and foremost employee-obsessed. Some of the world’s biggest brands would agree; as Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson said, “Put your staff first, customers second, and shareholders third.”As you’ll hear in Christina’s story, Ruby aims to wow their customers regularly, and they do this so well they actually inspire their customers to wow them right back! This strong connection comes down to their core philosophy: incent, inspire, and empower your employees. If your team is proud of their work, and are given the tools to create next-level customer experiences, the customer will come out on top. Watch the video to hear Christina dig into this philosophy, and tell us how employee empowerment, human connection, and chickens (you’ll see) have turned Ruby Receptionists into a world-class customer-focused brand.Big thanks to Christina for sharing her stories of serious wow-ness at the first stop of our CX Obsession event series. Stay tuned for more videos, stories, and details on our next event. Want to see CX Obsession happen in your city? Hit us up on Twitter @asknicely!

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Jenny Mayo

Jenny is AskNicely’s Marketing Coordinator. Her experience in both tech and hospitality give her a keen understanding and passion for customer experience. Outside the office walls, you can find Jenny hula hooping, crocheting unicorn hats for her friends, or walking her canine child, Stella (who may or may not have a tiny unicorn hat of her own).

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