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Why Better Software Shut Down Sales to Help Franchises Reopen

When the going gets tough, the tough innovate. 

That is exactly what many service businesses are doing in the face of COVID-19. Rethinking their products and services and finding new ways to engage their front-line teams and customers. 

But where should businesses start? 

Need help? Look to your peers, vendors, and local community organizations for support and inspiration.

Looking to help? Donate time, equipment, or share ideas with businesses in need. 

In this week’s video interview, I was  joined by AskNicely customer, partner, and friend Paul Howard, Vice President at Better. Paul shared examples of ways he is seeing his franchise customers and service businesses think outside of the box and rethink the way they are doing business during these tough times. 

Paul also shared the work he is doing with Better’s sister company Ruckify, the world’s largest rental marketplace, in partnership with the United Way to connect social service providers with the technology they need to do their jobs and serve their clients in-need.  

Ruckify + United Way of Calgary and Area Partner to Bring Tech to Service Providers

Have you changed the way you are delivering your products or services or found new ways to connect with your customers and front-line teams? Have you been inspired by others who have done so? 

If so, we would love to hear about it. Please reach out to me via LinkedIn or at

About the author

Nina Church-Adams

Nina leads the marketing team at AskNicely and wants to connect with you on LinkedIn to discuss all things customer experience, marketing, leadership, culture, and inclusion. With recent marketing leadership roles in FinTech, MarTech, and now CXTech, Nina loves being a part of the vibrant Portland tech community.

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