Meet the nicest way to manage customer feedback…

We start by sending an email with one question based on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) framework which achieves record response rates (38% on average). It's the same approach used by rockstar brands like Amazon, Apple, Virgin and Zappos (and hopefully), your company.

A 10, awesome! Now, let's find out why…

We collect a comment to learn what customers love most about your business, or want fixed. Unlike conventional surveys (which no-one likes), it takes just seconds to answer and it’s super actionable.

Manage customer feedback. Everywhere.

NPS® Score

A super simple dashboard makes it easy to track customer happiness over time. Everyone in your business can have a role-relevant view of daily NPS®.


See which parts of your business are performing well (or not) at a glance. Compare NPS® by location, price plan, segment, service agent, anything.

Text Analytics

Analyze thousands of comments in seconds to pinpoint issues that need attention. AskNicely automagically categorises customer feedback into themes that you define.

comparison table of store location performance on communication

Drive reviews automagically

Create workflows to send templated responses based on rules you define, or trigger actions in your CRM, helpdesk app or Slack. Automatically drive reviews, referrals and better customer relationships.

You’ll get squillions of reviews and referrals

Imagine leveraging all your customer advocates to grow faster than your competitors and reduce your acquisition costs. You’ll be unstoppable.

Imagine seeing customer feedback in the tools your team loves using every day

Integrate in minutes, keep your team updated, create workflows and trigger surveys automatically from Salesforce, Intercom, Hubspot, Slack or dozens of other clever integrations.

Get real-time, actionable feedback.

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