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NPS For Freshdesk

Survey your customers automatically after a closed ticket from within Freshdesk.


NPS linked to contact interactions

Your Freshdesk observer rules can be used to automatically gauge post-ticket customer sentiment in real time. Combine NPS data with other data points from Freshdesk to immediately address unhappy customers or to nurture satisfied customers into becoming valuable repeat business or referrals.

For example:

Picture closing a Freshdesk ticket for a customer who was unhappy with an experience in your online store. A simple, one-click NPS survey is automatically sent out immediately afterward. The customer gives you a 7 or 8 (passive score), which triggers an alert to have a manager work directly with the right person to fix the issue.

Or another possibility:
The survey returns with a 9 or 10 (promoter score) and the customer leaves a comment that the service was excellent. You can trigger a workflow to thank that customer or encourage them to post a positive review on a site like Yelp or Google.
Finally, if the triggered survey should come back with a zero through 6 (detractor score), you can trigger a new escalation alert and have a supervisor reach out to see what the consumer still needs.

Respond to feedback individually, or at scale

With AskNicely and Freshdesk, account managers can see NPS feedback from customers in AskNicely, and close the loop on at-risk customers. Use AskNicely workflows to act on dissatisfied accounts, and drive prompt follow-up.

Intelligent Analysis

AskNicely can pull in custom field data from Freshdesk, which means any of the dashboards in AskNicely can be filtered by the data points that matter to your business. You can filter NPS results by region, agent, product… in fact, by any field in your Freshdesk contact record. With mobile and desktop dashboards for everyone from CX managers to CEOs, and digital leaderboard displays for front-line teams, AskNicely with Freshdesk puts customer happiness front and center.

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