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Living in the Purple

AskNicely is first and foremost about "appreciation". It's what we stand for and a key principle that guides what we do each day. We appreciate different backgrounds, different contributions, different points of view and, most importantly, each other. There are three core tenets to what we call “living in the purple”:

Play to win

We bring our “A” game to solve problems, collaborate with teams and support customers with the urgency of an owner. We have high standards, but favor progress over perfection – keeping it simple as we grow.

  • Own It: We bring proposals not problems and are empowered to make decisions. We are responsive and don’t wait for someone else to take action when we see room for improvement.
  • Keep it Simple: Never complicated, never too smart, we keep it simple. In our product, process and programs, we aim to cut through the clutter and get things done.

Love your feedback

We’re in the business of feedback. We model transparency, curiosity and getting and giving feedback to keep improving.

  • Stay Curious: We have strong opinions, held loosely. We seek data and insight to validate, or challenge, our ideas. We’re open to change and different points of view.
  • Share Often: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. We favor collaboration and operate with high levels of transparency.

Be nice

We believe a great business can be built by nice people who are kind to one another. We are human. We show off our personality. We stay humble.

  • Kind IS Nice: We treat each other with respect and embrace constructive input delivered with grace. Radical candor is the fastest path to growth.

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Our promise

"We’re committed to building a stronger business with great diversity"

Aaron Ward


  • By hiring people of color, women and other underrepresented peoples.
  • By creating work opportunities specifically focused on underrepresented youth.
  • By investing in pathways to help people to see and seize their potential.
  • By educating ourselves to remove bias, promote equity and celebrate difference.
  • By being transparent about our progress/impact and sharing our learnings.

We're investing in you

Paid time off

20 days plus public holidays and sick days

Nice days

5 extra days for mental health and well being

Paid parental leave

8 weeks for both caregivers, including adopted children

Medical Insurance

100% medical insurance coverage for you and your family

Learning & Development

$1,500 annual budget for your professional development

Retirement Savings

We match contributions up to 4% of your salary

Referral Bonus

$2,500 for referring nice people to work at AskNicely

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