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Make all your systems (from CRM to Help Desk) customer happiness capable with no code.

Advanced Integration


Full two-way integration with Sales Cloud. Manually send and trigger surveys from within Salesforce. NPS data is automatically pulled back into Salesforce and stored against the contact record. NPS data can also be rolled up into a Salesforce dashboard view. Meaning you can run your whole NPS program without ever having to leave Salesforce.

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Full two-way integration with HubSpot enables you to configure lists to auto send NPS surveys with an optional wait period after joining. NPS data is automatically synced back into HubSpot meaning you can score, filter and trigger campaigns from NPS data.

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AskNicely Zapier Integration


For ultimate flexibility and customization, AskNicely integrates with Zapier, allowing you to access a range of pre-built ‘Zaps’ and giving you the ability to create your own integrations from Zapier impressive line-up of over 750 different apps.

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AskNicely Intercom Integration


Full two-way integration can be used to trigger NPS surveys at different points in your customer engagement – use Intercom’s rich behaviour monitoring and segmenting to select the right customers at the right time. Automatically syncs NPS data back into intercom allowing you to segment based on score, tags, number of times feedback has been given and other key data points from AskNicely.

Gather NPS scores and feedback from your customers​ ​​by email, web, sms, or​ ​seamlessly within Intercom Messenger.

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Advanced Integration
AskNicely Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Microsoft Dynamics

Full two-way integration with Microsoft Dynamics. Sync contacts, along with custom field data into AskNicely from Dynamics and trigger surveys. NPS data is automatically pulled back into Dynamics and stored against each customer record.

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AskNicely Zendesk Integration


By Integrating AskNicely with Zendesk you can trigger NPS surveys at key points in your customer lifecycle. By surveying customers regularly when cases are closed, you can identify strengths and weaknesses in your support teams. To ensure we fully close the loop on feedback, the Zendesk Integration can also create tickets when feedback is posted as part of the NPS survey. Any survey triggered from Zendesk will also obey your AskNicely contact rules, meaning you can control how often any one person can be surveyed (default is once every 180 days).

Premium Integration
AskNicely JobAdder Integration


Two-way integration with JobAdder enables you to automatically survey candidates when they reach a selected stage in the application process in JobAdder.

Candidate NPS is a valuable metric for ensuring you are protecting your employer brand and will keep attracting high quality candidates in a competitive job market.

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AskNicely Shopify Integration


Integrate AskNicely and Shopify to trigger NPS surveys to your customer after they place an order. Features the option to add a wait period to allow for delivery.

AskNicely MailChimp Integration


Use our integration with Mailchimp to import users from your subscriber lists into the AskNicely system. Sync existing lists and automatically sync new contacts as they’re added to your lists.

AskNicely Slack Integration


Visibility of score and feedback is one of the key components of a Net Promoter Score program. Feed updates from AskNicely into slack automatically to let the whole company know when you get feedback – immediate and fast recognition is the key to turning scores into positive action.

AskNicely ClientSuccess Integration


Automatically bring your AskNicely NPS data and customer feedback into your ClientSuccess account, and view on customizable dashboards to help streamline your customer lifecycle management.

AskNicely Klipfolio Integration


For ultimate business visibility, integrate your data feed from AskNicely into your existing Klipfolio dashboards. Pull out NPS over time, latest comments and NPS for different tags or segments to create leader boards across the business.

AskNicely Shopify Integration


Integrate with your Infocare account to automatically sync data into AskNicely and get highly specific control over how you survey your contacts.

Collect customer feedback at Key lifecycle stages, i.e when a child joins a daycare centre, 90 days after on boarding, then regular follow ups including an exit survey.

Sync multiple childcare centres and segment the performance of each centre using AskNicely leaderboards to identify who your best performers are and which centres require improvement.

AskNicely Geckoboard Integration


Really hero your NPS data in your company by displaying on a sleek, stylish dashboard. Includes Geckoboard widget codes for displaying monthly and weekly NPS, a recent feed of comments and tag or segment leader boards. Options available to customise results from each to focus on different NPS score values.

AskNicely Cliniko Integration


Trigger an NPS survey to patients following an appointment being successfully completed in Cliniko. Create leader boards using data like customers’ location, type of service and the practitioner they saw. Then use our workflows to automatically alert the correct practitioner after a patient has left feedback.
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AskNicely Freshdesk Integration


Integrate AskNicely and Freshdesk to automatically send an AskNicely survey when a Freshdesk ticket is closed. Following up closed tickets helps keep a tight focus on how your customer service teams are performing. All surveys triggered by a ticket closed will also obey your AskNicely contact rules – this means you can control how often any one person can be surveyed (default is once every 180 days).

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AskNicely Panoply Integration


Integrate AskNicely with your Panoply account to automatically populate your data warehouse. New survey responses will imported into a database so you can effortlessly gain insights from your customer feedback.

AskNicely Palace Integration


Full two-way integration with PropertySuite enables customers within the Real Estate sector to survey and measure their performance at any part of the customer journey. The survey score and comments are recorded automatically against the agent’s contact, with negative scores triggering a reminder follow up task. Positive survey results with comments are fed directly into agent testimonials and dynamically displayed on marketing material. The seamless integration provides Real Estate industry customers with a simple and powerful Net Promotor Score toolset.

AskNicely Property Suite Integration


Building your property management rent roll just got easier. Integrate AskNicely and Palace to automatically survey your owners and tenants. Deliver the complete customer experience.

AskNicely Help Scout Integration

Help Scout

Automatically send an NPS survey when a Help Scout ticket is closed. Accurately measure the performance of different support teams or agents by immediately following up tickets with an NPS survey – catch problems fast and reward good performance. All surveys are governed by AskNicely contact rules so you can be sure you won’t be surveying every customer every single time they close a ticket.

AskNicely Mixpanel Integration


Use Mixpanel’s powerful product analytics and behaviour monitoring to trigger NPS surveys from AskNicely at exactly the right point in time for any customer.

AskNicely Groove Integration


Send an AskNicely survey when any ticket is closed in Groove. Each survey request is checked against AskNicely contact rules so you can easily set limits to avoid over surveying customers.

AskNicely Integration

Bring NPS data into your company dashboards in to engage your teams and incentivize improvement. Measure NPS data against individual or team KPIs.

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AskNicely Vonigo Integration


If you manage appointments and bookings in Vonigo, you can trigger an AskNicely survey following any customer booking. A great way for measuring the performance of individual contractors or agents.

AskNicely Natero Integration


Two-way integration between AskNicely and Natero enables Customer Success Managers to streamline customer feedback and seamlessly incorporate NPS results into their holistic customer health scores and proactive alerts.

AskNicely ClubReady Integration


With ClubReady, you can automatically sync your Gym Members with AskNicely and send surveys at specific points during the Membership term.

AskNicely MindBody Integration


Integrate AskNicely With MINDBODY Online to automatically send an AskNicely survey after a client signs in for their class, appointment, or room booking. View results by facility, staff member, or more. AskNicely's contact rules prevent repeat customers receiving too many surveys.

AskNicely FrontApp Integration


Automatically send NPS scores and feedback from AskNicely to Front, so your team can handle all your customer communication in one place.

AskNicely Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey

Trigger your NPS surveys as part of a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey, and automatically send scores and customer feedback back into Marketing Cloud to unify your customer information.

AskNicely Centra Integration

Centra Commerce

Integrate AskNicely and Centra Commerce to automatically trigger NPS surveys to your customers after they’ve placed an order (whether retail or wholesale).

AskNicely Kustomer Integration


Integrate AskNicely with the Kustomer Omnichannel Service Platform to trigger NPS surveys at key points in your customer lifecycle. To fully close the loop on feedback, Kustomer presents NPS feedback in the customer timeline and allows you to segment customers and engage them proactively. Any survey triggered from Kustomer will also obey your AskNicely contact rules, meaning you can control how often any one person can be surveyed.

AskNicely ChurnZero Integration


Integrate AskNicely with ChurnZero to have your NPS results support your Customer Success efforts. Automatically aggregate responses by contact and account to contribute to a ChurnScore so you can quickly understand the health of your customer base. AskNicely NPS responses can also trigger alerts and automated plays, which can drive email and in-app communications, set tasks for your CSMs, and update internal applications.

AskNicely Netsuite Integration


With NetSuite you can use the powerful inbuilt report builder to automate the selection and sending of NPS surveys to the right customers, at the right time.

AskNicely Zoho Desk Integration

Zoho Desk

Integrate AskNicely with your Zoho Desk account to automatically send surveys when tickets are closed. Each survey request is checked against AskNicely contact rules to avoid over surveying customers.

AskNicely Email Integration

Email Integration

If your system/platform can generate an email we can ingest it via our special email to survey feature.

Get in touch to find out more about this integration.

AskNicely API Integration

API Integration

For a fully featured integration, have a look at our API documents.

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