NPS Surveys Synced with HubSpot

Seamlessly import smart lists from Hubspot into AskNicely, then deliver surveys and reminders at the right time for the customer. NPS data is automatically synced back into HubSpot meaning you can score, filter and trigger campaigns from survey data.

HubSpot NPS

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Customer sentiment automagically!

It’s super simple to set AskNicely to autonomously survey a sample of your customers daily from a list in HubSpot. AskNicely’s contact rules protect from survey fatigue.

HubSpot NPS AskNicely
HubSpot NPS

NPS linked to contact records

Because AskNicely puts survey results directly into HubSpot tied to contacts, your native HubSpot lists and reports can be used to track Net Promoter Score in real-time. Combine NPS data and other data points in HubSpot to create targeted lists of contacts. Build workflows in HubSpot to address unhappy customers or to nurture satisfied customers into becoming valuable repeat business or referrals.

Intelligent analysis

AskNicely pulls in custom field data from HubSpot which means any of the leader boards in AskNicely can be filtered by the data points that matter to your business. You can filter NPS results by region, agent, product… in fact by any field you have in your HubSpot contact record. From mobile and desktop dashboards for line managers to CEOs, through to leader boards on digital signage for frontline teams, AskNicely with HubSpot puts customer happiness front and center.

HubSpot NPS

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