Microsoft Dynamics NPS® Integration

Fully automate how you gather and act on customer feedback with AskNicely inside Microsoft Dynamics.


Create a customer advocacy culture across your entire business.

UX/ Product

Automate and create amazing customer experiences by measuring and acting on real-time feedback.

Customer Success

Keep a churn to a minimum by empowering proactive customer success outreach.


Use customer happiness to build your referral pipeline and amplify growth.


Transform your most vocal, loyal customers into brand advocates in the marketplace and beyond.

Fully automate and track all things NPS in Microsoft Dynamics

Automatically trigger surveys based on any information within Microsoft Dynamics. Track and filter automated Net Promoter Score activity by segment, region, account — virtually anything you want.

Gamify customer feedback with leaderboards

Rank your best segments, channels, products and agents to instantly see which business areas are creating promoters and which are creating detractors.

Use deeper insights to craft fluid responses

Build custom reports and dashboards based on real-time NPS data that you can use to reduce churn, retain customers and fuel true business growth. Use your existing Microsoft Dynamics workflows to follow-up on customer feedback individually or at scale.

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