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Customer feedback integration
Access real-time customer feedback within Microsoft Teams to enhance team responsiveness and customer satisfaction.
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View customer feedback in Microsoft Teams

View all customer feedback directly in a designated Microsoft Teams channel. You can send all feedback to a single channel or route feedback to multiple channels for different teams or locations. Keep your finger on the pulse of customer satisfaction without ever leaving the Teams environment.

Centralized feedback management

Manage all customer feedback directly within Microsoft Teams.

Faster response to feedback

Respond to customer feedback from Microsoft Teams and accelerate response times.

Automated customer service workflows

Streamline your processes by triggering AskNicely workflows from Microsoft Teams.

Unlock customer feedback

Empower your team with insights to enhance efficiency and deliver exceptional customer experiences.
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Add internal notes to feedback

Add internal notes to customer feedback and sync them between Microsoft Teams and AskNicely. This ensures all team members are aligned and can collaborate seamlessly to address customer concerns.

Reply directly to customer feedback

Reply directly to customer feedback from within Microsoft Teams. This direct line of communication speeds up response times and helps improve customer satisfaction by addressing their concerns promptly and efficiently.
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Run AskNicely workflows from Microsoft Teams

Activate AskNicely workflows directly from Microsoft Teams to automate your customer service processes. Trigger specific actions based on feedback scores or comments, ensuring your team remains proactive in enhancing customer experiences. Whether it's sending thank you messages, coupons, or escalation notices, do it all without switching apps.

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