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We all know that if you want to elevate your Customer Experience (CX), you need to have a consistent and ongoing understanding of what matters most to your customers. However, collecting customer feedback alone doesn’t move the needle when it comes to taking your CX to new heights – it's about what you do with that feedback that counts. To reach said heights, you need to be taking meaningful action on your feedback, fast action on your feedback, and frontline-driven action on your feedback, which is exactly what our new AI theme analysis feature is designed to do. 

Collecting Real-Time Feedback? Check. What Next? 

If you’re collecting feedback and tracking ratings at both the team and individual level, first of all, touché (you make up the 16.3% of service brands who are, according to a recent study by Metrigy). Second of all, you’ll know that this is just the first step to creating awesome experiences. The next step is understanding that feedback at scale. What are the patterns and themes in your feedback? What do your customers commonly love, or hate about the experience you’re delivering? What are the emerging trends? Choosing themes to track within feedback tools is often done manually and in a ‘set and forget’ fashion, based on preset lists of suggested keywords. This can lead to confirmation bias and create blindspots around emerging themes. It’s also more time consuming, and less accurate. 

No More Guesswork 

AI Themes from AskNicely takes the guesswork out of what your customers care about most and what’s driving your customer experience metrics. AI analyzes every bit of feedback coming in from customer surveys and categorizes it into themes, providing managers with an up-to-the-minute dashboard view of what customers care about and what’s having the biggest impact on NPS. It also suggests emerging themes to start tracking based on real-time customer feedback, so you can stay one step ahead of your customer needs. 

More Meaningful Coaching Conversations 

The AI generated themes reveal what matters most to your customers, which in turn reveals what your frontline team should prioritize in their experience delivery. For example, consider a common theme related to the speed of service. Armed with this insight, you can tailor your coaching sessions to emphasize the importance of efficient and prompt customer interactions. By honing in on this theme, your coaching becomes more targeted and impactful. And in turn, your experiences for both your employees, and your customers become more awesome!

Act Faster

The clear overview of themes that the feature provides allows you to take fast action on your feedback. This means that customer problems can be resolved before things escalate, and you can anticipate customer needs as they change and evolve. The real-time insights enable your team to pinpoint emerging issues and trends, ensuring that your responses are not only prompt but also proactive. 

“It's been awesome to see how AI can categorize a phrase from a customer into a theme. I’ve uncovered new insights that I otherwise wouldn't have and it’s meaningfully reduced manual tracking.”

Damaris D. Sirop, VP Director Member Experience - First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union

Equip & Empower Your Frontline 

By integrating AI Themes into your frontline operations, you create a seamless bridge between customer feedback and the actions taken on the ground, creating a powerful culture of continuous improvement. As your frontline teams witness the positive outcomes of their actions in response to customer feedback, they become more attuned to the importance of their role in shaping the overall customer experience. As themes are revealed, they gain a clear view of what they need to do in order to have each customer walk away with a beaming smile. This empowerment not only fosters a sense of ownership but also contributes to a positive feedback loop, where engaged and informed frontline teams become catalysts for ongoing enhancements in customer satisfaction.

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The AI Themes Feature goes beyond mere data analysis, offering a dynamic and evolving understanding of customer feedback. By eliminating guesswork, enabling swift action, and empowering frontline teams, AI Themes helps you unlock the full potential of your customer experience strategy.

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AskNicely Team
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