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Customer Experience Masterclass IV: Personalizing Coaching to Increase Training Effectiveness

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Did you hear? We have launched a series of free masterclasses that will give you the skills, knowledge, and techniques you need to build a world-class frontline team that delivers phenomenal customer experiences. Whether you’re a CX leader, frontline manager, high level executive or service business founder, there’s a ton of wisdom, knowledge and practical skills for you to gain, for free! In this blog series, we’ll take a deep dive into what the courses are all about, and why you should get involved. 

Not Enough (Effective) Coaching

Unfortunately, across the board, service brands aren’t doing enough to personally coach and empower their frontline teams. In fact, The State of Frontline Work Survey revealed that the number ONE reason frontline employees aren’t empowered is a lack of training. 

With such an outsized impact on customer experience, an empowered frontline can be the difference between an average experience, and a totally awesome one, which has the customer coming back for more and referring their friends, family and colleagues.

Yet, less than 25% of companies are providing regular, personalized training on an individual basis. 

Masterclass 4: What’s It All About? 

The fourth and final masterclass will teach you how to deliver personalized coaching to frontline employees that increases training effectiveness. Forget high level corporate courses that are full of jargon and generalizations, and learn how to coach individuals in a way that’s easy, impactful and has the greatest impact on both your employee and customer experience. You’ll learn the science and tools that will help you become the type of coach (and manager!) that knows how to bring out the best in your team. 

Specifically, You’ll Learn How To…

  • Design your coaching approach around the learning style of every individual member of staff.

  • Gain commitment from the people you are coaching so that you see improved performance over time.

  • Influence the Employee Value proposition used by your HR colleagues to attract and retain staff.

Practical, Implementable Tools & Techniques

Don’t just learn how to talk the talk, but walk the walk, too. Examples of tools and techniques covered in this course include:

  • Clear definitions for coaching so that its scope is understood
  • An essential ingredients list to create your coaching framework
  • A guide to coaching groups (and an assessment of this approach)
  • The definition of a sponsor and checklist to help you find a good one 
  • A template for coaching goals
  • A mini-workbook to help you build rapport with your coachee
  • Practical on-boarding tools for coachees. 

Course Curriculum

WEEK 1 - Why Coaching Works

You’ll start off the course by defining what good coaching is, developing your coaching framework and learning what support is available to help you excel. 

WEEK 2 - The Personal Touch 

The second week delves into how to build connections with your coachee(s), adapting to different learning styles and the importance of agency and ownership. 

WEEK 3 - How to Be an Awesome Coach

In the third week, it’s time to explore the different layers behind being an awesome coach. You’ll learn the foundational skills of coaching, how courage and vulnerability can make you a great coach and what to expect during your coaching experience.  

WEEK 4 - Your Organization’s Coaching Culture 

Finally, explore how to better understand and pinpoint what your organization’s coaching culture is and how to celebrate success! 

Psst. Busy? No stress. Complete at your own pace!

Why Now?

As Robert Nardelli, CEO of Home Depot said: “Without a coach, people will never reach their maximum capabilities”. Think about what Robert is saying here for a second. Your frontline team will NEVER reach their full potential without coaching. Never. Imagine how much you’re missing out on! 

As the State of Frontline Work Survey revealed, service brands with the highest levels of frontline coaching mastery significantly increase the impact of Customer Experience investments. In fact, businesses with strong, personalized frontline coaching programs in place experience a:

  • 13% increase in employee efficiency improvement
  • 30% increase in revenue improvement 
  • 38% increase in customer satisfaction improvement

That is why now is the time to empower your employees through personalized coaching. 

So what are you waiting for? 

You have nothing to lose (did we mention it’s free!), and a lifetime of skills, knowledge and connections to gain. 

Learn more about the masterclass and enroll today!

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