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How to keep a service brand running like a well-oiled machine – featuring JiffyLube

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Our favorite kinds of blogs are the ones where we get to celebrate the awesome work of our own customers. Not only is it fun to brag about their achievements, but hopefully an exciting read for you, as you begin to learn what’s possible for your business. 

Jiffy Lube is a vehicle maintenance service company. Just to clarify. They are well known and loved. Whether you need your oil changed, or you need a new battery, wiper blades, or vehicle light Jiffy Lube technicians are dedicated to providing quality, expert services to their customers. 

Rob Arthur, Director of Business Development, leads the Ontario franchise network of 22 JiffyLube stores. Rob wanted a partner to help move the business into the future. After years of seeing what wasn't working, he made the proposal to team up with AskNicely, which is now used across their network.

Consistent Customer Experience > Competing on price

Since day one, the Jiffy Lube approach has always been to focus on consistent customer experience, over a race to the bottom on prices or louder marketing. Forget “sell, sell, sell’, and think “experience, experience, experience”. The Jiffy Lube team saw firsthand that if their customers left with a beaming smile, they would come back for more and refer their friends, family, and colleagues. Ensuring customers had an awesome experience would win every time over any other sales tactics. Guaranteed. 

However, Rob understood that consistency is paramount to Jiffy Lube’s customer success and growth strategy. ​​They operate in a highly competitive service industry where their technicians need to get it right every time for a customer to want to come back again. Otherwise, they come face to face with customer churn. 

Uncertainty leads to inconsistency 

Prior to using AskNicely, like most service companies Jiffy Lube had an old-school way of measuring customer experience. They operated for many years with a long customer questionnaire that took weeks to generate results, the outcome of which was poor due to low response rates and no ability to act on the data while it was hot. This meant that Jiffy Lube couldn’t accurately measure the customer experience, and didn't have certainty that the experience their technicians were delivering was consistently meeting their service promise, every time. 

“We had an antiquated way of perceiving our customer’s experience – we used to do mail outs, phone calls, etcetera. But when we’re scaling at the size we are, it becomes impossible to accurately measure and act upon.” — Rob Arthur. 

The cost of doing nothing

Without a sense of certainty over the customer experience, Rob feared they were missing out on the opportunity for reviews, repeat business, and referrals. And unlike most FOMO, this was well justified. When the services delivered by the Jiffy Lube technicians didn’t meet the mark, customers would churn and it would cost them repeat business and referrals, not to mention a damaged reputation. 

Things needed to change. It was time to get up to speed on sophisticated customer experience solutions. 

Jiffy Lube needed:

  • A mechanism to accurately measure their customer experience. All. The. Time.

    Service standards are no use without having something to accurately measure them against. Forget old school surveys, Jiffy Lube needed real-time insights on what their technicians were nailing, and what they needed to be coached on in order to maintain a consistently awesome customer experience. 
  • To connect their frontline technicians with real-time customer feedback at scale.

    This allows Jiffy Lube technicians to gain oversight on what matters most to their customers, what they were doing well and what had to change. The more they knew about the people they help, the better experience they could deliver, and the happier their customers became.

  • Open up conversations with their customers.

    Automating real-time communication with their customers was a new concept but one that aligned with their strategic vision for serving customers with exceptional experiences. With AskNicely, Jiffy Lube ticked off all of the above, and more. Technicians could resolve customer problems in the moment and be recognized for great work when it happened. 

Enter AskNicely  

Using AskNicely, Jiffy Lube was able to gain an unmatched understanding of their customers and ensure consistency across their customer experience. With this certainty, they no longer feared missing out on repeat business and referrals, as they knew exactly what they needed to do to improve. 

“Using AskNicely, we now understand what customers think of the experience and how to improve it in real-time. It’s also created an environment of betterment for our employees” — Rob Arthur 

Teams are empowered with real-time feedback that helps them understand what works, what doesn’t and how to improve.

Our NPS is going up and up, and it’s because we have the ability to look at, and act upon customer feedback in real time.” — Rob Arthur.

In the last two years leveraging the AskNicely platform, Jiffy Lube has: 

  • In the last 24 months, 44% of their locations have seen an increase in NPS scores, with an average of 20.1 point improvement. 
  • Maintained a world-class NPS of 80 even while scaling their business to support hundreds of customer cars at each location per day.

  • Gained 300+ 4.5+ star ratings for 80% of their stores. 

They also; 

  • Give well-deserved daily kudos to their incredible frontline technicians, who are responsible for upholding Jiffy Lube’s service standards.

  • Have clear, data-driven foundations to base coaching conversations on.

  • Have created a customer-obsessed and frontline first culture! 

Simple, Easy, Uncomplicated 

Isn’t that what we all want? 

“What we love about AskNicely is that it’s easy, simple, and not complicated” — Rob Arthur.

Gaining clear, customer-driven data, and supporting frontline employees to consistently deliver on your service standard doesn’t have to be as complicated as it seems. Jiffy Lube has been able to achieve its customer and employee experience goals with one app that fits in the pockets of every frontline technician. 

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AskNicely Team
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AskNicely Team
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