Meet AskNicely VP of Marketing, Kassidy Bird: Navigating the Marketing Landscape with Purpose and Passion

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In October 2023, the AskNicely team welcomed Kassidy Bird as the new VP of Marketing. As we delve into her story, Kassidy shares insights that not only encapsulate her professional evolution but also shed light on the values that drive her and her vision for AskNicely. 

A Journey from Startup Maverick to Marketing Maven

Kassidy's marketing odyssey began in the challenging world of early-stage startups. Armed with business and film qualifications, her initial inclination was towards event management. Fate, however, had different plans, steering her into the burgeoning world of tech marketing. “I landed in tech by accident and fell in love with the space”. She reflects on her journey, saying, "Being part of startups allowed me to try my hat at just about every corner of marketing, coming up through demand gen and diversifying my skill set through product and partnership marketing."

Crucially, her journey intertwined with that of Kirsten, now AskNicely's CEO. Working together and being mentored by Kirsten laid the foundation for Kassidy's multifaceted marketing career. It's a story of accidental discovery, mentorship, and the intrinsic allure of the tech space.

Joining AskNicely: A Natural Fit

Kassidy's decision to join AskNicely was fueled by a deep resonance with the company's vision and mission. The intersection of her service-focused background and the profound impact of customer feedback resonated strongly with her. "The focus on people as a solution to customer experience challenges struck a chord with me," she says. AskNicely's commitment to leveraging human connections for solving customer experience challenges aligned seamlessly with Kassidy's beliefs.

For her, the choice was clear: "Seeing the proof points that this solution does what it says it will do made it an obvious choice." Kassidy saw AskNicely as more than just a platform—it was an embodiment of the power of people in driving exceptional customer experiences.

Prioritizing People in Service Brand Marketing

When asked about the essential aspect of marketing for service brands, Kassidy emphasizes, "It's all about the people." In the service industry, the product is the people themselves. Deeply understanding both customers and internal teams is crucial. Kassidy stresses the importance of collaboration across the organization to ensure a seamless alignment between marketing, sales, and service delivery. "When you find that fit, that is when growth and retention become non-issues," she adds.

The Key to Awesome Customer Experience: The Feedback Loop

For Kassidy, delivering an outstanding customer experience revolves around the feedback loop. "If great experiences are never recognized and celebrated, what motivates someone to keep doing more to go above and beyond?" she questions. The feedback loop, according to Kassidy, is the linchpin that transforms positive experiences into a continuous cycle of improvement and motivation.

Inspiration Beyond Marketing Playbooks

As a marketing professional navigating an ever-evolving industry, Kassidy finds inspiration in unconventional places. She is drawn to those who solve problems creatively and fearlessly challenge the status quo. “For me it always comes down to people who deeply understand a problem and the people experiencing it and aren’t afraid to go against the grain or the “playbooks” to do what makes sense” she says. One notable example she cites is Figma, a design platform that defied traditional marketing strategies by investing heavily in community and influencers. "They took a risk and it really paid off," she explains. 

The Dual Motivation: Personal and Professional

Kassidy's personal and professional life intersect in her primary sources of inspiration. In her personal life, it's the boundless curiosity and confidence of her children that fuel her. "Spending time exploring the world with them is like seeing the world through new eyes again," she shares. In her professional life, it's the courage to take risks and embrace uncertainty that motivates her. Her advice to her younger self echoes this sentiment: "Always take the leap."

A Journey Fueled by Passion and Purpose

Kassidy Bird's journey from startup enthusiast to AskNicely's VP Marketing is a narrative of passion, purpose, and the enduring impact of meaningful connections. Her insights underscore the pivotal role of people in service marketing, the importance of a robust feedback loop, and the inspiration drawn from those who challenge conventions. As Kassidy continues to navigate the dynamic marketing landscape, her story serves as a beacon for marketers seeking purpose and fulfillment in their professional journeys. 

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