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Fundraising $6.7m For Customer Happiness

Today, we’re excited to announce a $6.7 million strategic capital raise with the fine folks at Blackbird Ventures. We've also launched AskNicely for iPhone and Android — the world's first mobile app to allow staff to monitor and act on NPS in real-time, from anywhere.So yeah, we’ve been quite busy. Over the past year, we’ve increased revenue by almost 4X, opened offices in Portland, Oregon and Auckland, New Zealand, and grown to a team of 22 very nice people all laser-focused on the pursuit of repeat, happy customers. Most importantly, I’m pleased to report that our customers appreciate what we're doing - our own Net Promoter Score is 62.0 and AskNicely is consistently the highest rated enterprise feedback software on G2 Crowd.

It’s wonderful stuff, but we’re not done yet

In fact, it feels like we’re just out of the starting gates because there’s so much more we want to do. That’s why we’ve raised this funding. We’re building a global team focused on helping businesses use NPS to accelerate their growth and build customer inspired culture, and our new mobile platform is a great example of this innovation.

AskNicely has received $6.7m in funding

Helpfully, Blackbird Ventures (who led this latest round of funding) share the same vision, which is why they’ve backed AskNicely.  Blackbird’s managing partner Niki Scevak calls NPS the "greatest business metric in existence" and describes it as “the truth serum that reveals the quality of a business and predicts their future success”.  Of course, we wholeheartedly agree. We believe the real value of NPS is not in collecting or analyzing customer feedback. It’s in the doing; the action you take next to ensure your customers come back for more, and tell others why they should too.It’s our love language, our purpose and the key to our success. We get to do this with your continued support, so - sincerely - thank you!Read more on the Australian Financial Review.

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