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Proactive property management with AskNicely: Highlights from the Property Management & Me podcast

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Casey Corrigan, Head of Strategic Accounts at AskNicely recently joined Kate Sunol, Marketing Manager at PropertyMe, on the Property Management & Me podcast. They discussed how a strategic feedback management process can go beyond the chase of high satisfaction scores to create lasting, positive experiences that drive long-term success for your business. Here are some of the takeaways from their chat:

Tackling key challenges in property management

Property managers often face three critical problems: losing customers and finding out too late, reputation issues impacting new customer acquisition, and staff disengagement or turnover. AskNicely helps get to the root cause of these problems, by taking a proactive approach to customer sentiment and fostering a positive, customer-obsessed culture backed by positivity and recognition. 

"AskNicely is an experience management platform purpose-built to help multi-location service businesses measure and improve loyalty," Casey explained on the podcast. This aligns perfectly with the needs of property management firms, offering a seamless connection that delivers feedback straight from customers to those responsible for the customer experience. 

 "Measuring loyalty is crucial, but what truly moves the needle is systematizing and taking action on the feedback received,” Casey emphasized. By leveraging NPS and other metrics, property managers can identify areas for improvement, motivate and coach staff, and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction.” 

Elevating employee experience and customer engagement

AskNicely goes beyond merely collecting scores; it helps customers translate feedback into tangible actions that elevate the staff experience and customer engagement. "The feedback can be used to motivate, coach, and recognize frontline staff, leading to behavior and service improvement," Casey said. This approach ensures that property managers are not only reacting to issues when they arise but also proactively enhancing the customer experience.

"Seeing tangible benefits and putting numbers to customer satisfaction can significantly improve job satisfaction and career development for property managers," Casey said. By collecting and acting on customer feedback, property managers can take pride in their work and demonstrate their value as professionals.

Real-time insights for proactive management

AskNicely provides PropertyMe with feedback in real-time, allowing property managers to align feedback requests with critical moments in the customer journey and facilitate immediate action for both positive and negative experiences.

"Automating the onboarding of landlord and tenant data from PropertyMe into AskNicely allows us to get feedback at key moments of truth, enabling proactive retention and driving referral growth," Casey pointed out. This automation ensures that property managers can act swiftly and effectively based on the feedback received.

A feedback-first, frontline-driven approach to customer loyalty

At the heart of AskNicely is the belief that great customer experiences are created by engaged and informed frontline staff. "Experience transformation is a matter of frontline behavior change," Casey said. By providing real-time feedback and fostering a culture of appreciation, AskNicely helps property management firms deliver exceptional service consistently across multiple branches and locations, creating happier employees, and happier customers. 

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AskNicely Team
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AskNicely Team

AskNicely Team
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