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The Customer Experience Masterclasses are Here! Module 1: Setting an Effective Service Standard

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Did you hear? We launched a series of free masterclasses that will give you the skills, knowledge, and techniques you need to build a world-class frontline team that delivers phenomenal customer experiences. Whether you’re a customer experience leader, frontline manager, higher level executive or service business founder, there’s a ton of wisdom, knowledge and practical skills for you to gain, for free! In this blog series, we’ll take a deep dive into what the courses are all about, and why you should get involved. First up, module 1: setting an effective service standard. 

Service Standard Mastery is Lacking

We know from working with thousands of service businesses that those who define, publish and coach to consistent service standards outperform their competitors. Yet surprisingly, according to the latest research by Metrigy, only 17.7% of service businesses have published service standards that are readily available to both their employees and customers. 

In other words, service standard mastery is majorly lacking.

Why are Service Standards So Important?

Brands with thoughtfully designed service standards, that are deeply understood by both employees and customers experience have: 

  • Higher levels of frontline engagement and motivation, with a clear roadmap to success for teams to strive towards.

  • Alignment between frontline offerings and customer expectations.

  • Consistently awesome customer experiences, no matter the number of branches or locations.

  • Increased levels of employee efficiency, customer satisfaction and revenue. 

What You’ll Learn 

In the first of four Customer Experience masterclasses, you’ll build the competencies, confidence, and tools to define and deliver a service standard that drives long term business results.

This masterclass will teach you how to:

  1. Design a best-in-class service standard

    You may think guidelines are guidelines or goals are goals, but the difference between average service standards and best-in class service standards have dramatic impacts on employee experience, customer experience and the bottom line. In this masterclass, you’ll learn how to craft a thoughtful, meaningful and tangible set of service standards that act as your roadmap to success for your frontline teams.

  2. Use your standards to inspire and motivate frontline teams

    This masterclass will help you ensure that your key stakeholders across the business know about your service standard and deploy it all the way to the frontline. When you share your service standards in an inspiring way, you create a powerful sense of collective alignment and responsibility. When every employee is working towards the same set of service standards, you subsequently create a customer obsessed culture.

  3. Use behavioral science to make these service standards part of your business’s intuitive behavior

This is not a ‘learn the gist and hope for the best’ kind of course. The masterclass uses behavioral science to help you develop a plan and apply it to your business. Real change can only happen once everybody’s behaviors contribute to the results. 

Masterclass 1 - Course Curriculum: 

Week 1 - The Basics: From stakeholder mapping, to the very definition of service standards, week one of the course will dive into all the basics. 

Week 2 - Develop: Learn about all the best approaches, best in class examples, and have a hand at creating your own service standards! 

Week 3 - Adoption: Discover what your service standards mean to you and share experiences. 

Week 4 - A Sustainable Service Standard: Week 4 revolves around themes like ownership, reporting, recognition and alignment. 

Busy bee? Don’t worry, you can take the courses at your own pace. 

Meet Your Host!

Hosting the Customer Experience Masterclasses is none other than Susanne Axelsson. Susanne’s work is dedicated to helping service brands win on customer experience through investing in the frontline. She amplifies frontline voices and ensures service brands have access to useful, interesting content that will help you make frontline work awesome!

Ready to Get Started? 

Mastering your service standard is the first step to winning on customer experience. 

What are you waiting for? 

You have nothing to lose (did we mention it’s free!), and a lifetime of skills, knowledge and connections to gain. 

Learn more about the service standard masterclass and enroll today!

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