The Customer Experience Masterclasses are Here!

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Have you heard? Frontline Magic's Customer Experience Masterclasses have officially launched! This series of free (woo!) masterclasses are designed to equip service businesses with the skills, knowledge and techniques they need to build a world-class team that delivers phenomenal customer experiences, every time. 

Perhaps you’re a service business: 

  • Struggling with consistent service delivery at scale. 
  • Having trouble cultivating a motivated and empowered frontline workforce. 
  • Wanting to create a customer-obsessed culture, but feeling lost on where to start.
  • Or, perhaps you’ve got a good thing going, but want to maximize your CX investments and commit to continuously improving your customer experience. 

You’re in the right place. 

The series of four masterclasses focus on the critical areas of frontline empowerment that the Metrigy 2022 State of Frontline Study found to be most effective.

When combined they deliver a colossal impact on your customer experience efforts:

  • 133% higher impact on customer satisfaction
  • 64% higher impact on revenue
  • 60% higher impact on employee efficiency 

Why Choose this Masterclass?

Other than the tantalizing stats above, here’s why you should enroll in the Customer Experience Masterclasses today.

Designed for People Powered Businesses

At the heart of every service business are the incredible humans that keep the ship sailing. This series of masterclasses are designed to equip service business leaders with the necessary tools for maximizing CX investments, and connect them to a community of other frontline leaders to share ideas, find innovative solutions and chat all things customer experience and frontline work (our favorite kind of chat). 

Research Based

The masterclasses are formed around the State of Frontline Work Survey, led by research firm Metrigy. The survey is unique in that no other study has been conducted at this level to tie investments in frontline workers to improvements in business outcomes, and specifically to the highest-priority initiatives for service businesses. Frontline and Customer Experience leaders can leverage the results to identify and justify customer experience and frontline enablement initiatives that will help them significantly improve revenue, customer satisfaction, and employee efficiency.

Frontline Focused 

The master key to unlocking the perfect customer experience (or as close as you can get to it) lies within empowering customer-facing staff. These courses are designed to empower, motivate and get frontline teams excited about delivering awesome customer experiences. You’ll learn the science behind truly empowering your frontline teams, and practical skills to apply these new tools and processes in your businesses.

Outcome Focused 

Forget jargon and wishy-washy ideas. This masterclass will give you practical, implementable skills, tools and processes that *actually* make an impact on your employee efficiency, customer satisfaction and revenue. 

At the end of the course you will:  

  • Learn the science behind frontline empowerment and how that leads to creating amazing CX.
  • Acquire the necessary tools for maximizing return on your CX investments.
  • Develop a plan for putting these new business tools and processes into action right away.
  • Network with other frontline leaders. You don’t have to go through difficult customer experience challenges alone. Through Frontline Magic, you can share ideas and get help on your most challenging customer experience issues.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are a service business leader that wants something: 

  • Flexible. The course is 100% online where you can study at whatever time and place suits you.

  • Not Time-Restricted. You can start anytime and while the course is usually completed in four weeks, it is completely up to you.

  • Practical. Follow clear, tangible steps to empower frontline teams and dramatically improve customer satisfaction

  • Free! The Masterclass is absolutely free for leaders in service businesses. 

You have nothing to lose (did we mention it’s free!), and a lifetime of skills, knowledge and connections to gain. 

Learn more about the masterclass and enroll today!

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