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Taking the guesswork out of the guest experience with Red Door Escape Room

Before using AskNicely, Red Door Escape Room relied on best guesses to update the guest experience. Now, they never miss an opportunity to improve and have the data to back it up.

Taking the guesswork out of the guest experience with Red Door Escape Room

Key takeaways from Red Door's journey

  • Informed decision making: Red Door Escape Room was able to stop operating on hunches and instead make business decisions based on customer feedback they received thanks to using AskNicely.
  • Adjusting to meet expectations: They were able to fine-tune a new escape room concept that initially missed some guest expectations based on specific guest feedback.
  • Boosting NPS: Regularly reviewing NPS scores and guest feedback helps Red Door prioritize guest needs. In five months of using AskNicely, their NPS score improved from 40 to 80 by addressing detractor issues. 

“We have been able to very specifically use feedback about this location and this new concept to identify the opportunities that we have to improve it and make it a better guest experience. With the AskNicely features, we're able to see how well episodes are scoring, what the guest sentiment is around the individual ones, what factors they enjoy and don't enjoy in each one.”

Cameron McKibben, Director of Operations, Red Door Escape Room

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Cameron McKibben, Director of Operations -

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