Shine's Customer Feedback Revolution

Find out how Shine Is Driving Repeat Customers and Higher Revenue Across 40+ Locations with AskNicely

"The AskNicely platform gives our frontline technicians the feedback they need to feel empowered to give world class service to each customer and the app is so FUN to use."

Chris Fisher -

Key Takeaways From Shine's Journey

  • Shine sets themselves apart in their industry by building a culture around being a customer service company first.
  • Locations with a higher AskNicely score were seeing higher revenue and higher repeat customers.
  • AskNicely also gave them the opportunity to catch and reward awesome work in real time.

Time to Start Leading From the Frontline?

The best customer service companies in the world all understand one thing: Empowering your frontline team creates incredible customer experiences.

Our Frontline tools are designed to help you do just that. Use customer feedback to recognize, coach and engage your teams with an app that fits in their pocket.