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Here at AskNicely, we're not shy to say that we believe our product rocks. But, as a feedback-obsessed team, we want to know what people have to say. We took to software review platform G2 and tapped into the insights of our valued customers to find out about what they really think about AskNicely. Here’s the tea. 


G2 (formerly G2 Crowd) is a popular online platform that specializes in crowdsourced software and service reviews. It allows businesses and individuals like you to research and compare various software tools and services based on user-generated reviews and ratings. The platform also offers a variety of tools and resources to assist buyers in their purchasing journey, making it a valuable destination for those seeking trusted and peer-reviewed information about software and services.

Dannie E. 

Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)
August 2023 

“Great for my Business!” 

What do you like best about AskNicely?

I love how user friendly it is for both our clients and myself as a business owner. It helps me to keep track of how well my staff are performing and what areas need to be focused on. It definitely has helped my business as we can see where we need to improve and the areas we are doing really well in.

What problems is AskNicely solving and how is that benefiting you?

AskNicely helps me to see what feedback our clients have left so I can focus on the areas we need to work on and improve on. It is easy to log in to and track how well we are doing or how well we are not doing. It doesn't take our clients long to fill out the feedback. We get the feedback really fast from AskNicely.

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Edward L.

Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)
September 2023 

“Greatly improved our feedback collection” 

What do you like best about AskNicely?

I would be very likely to recommend AskNicely to a friend or colleague. It has greatly improved our feedback collection and customer satisfaction processes.

What problems is AskNicely solving and how is that benefiting you?

AskNicely has been instrumental in solving several key problems for us.

First and foremost, it has significantly improved our ability to collect and analyze customer feedback in real-time. This has allowed us to quickly identify areas for improvement and make timely adjustments to enhance our customer experience.

Additionally, AskNicely has helped us in streamlining our feedback processes, making it easier for our customers to share their thoughts and for us to act upon them promptly.

The platform's reporting and analytics capabilities have also proven invaluable, as they provide us with actionable insights into customer sentiments and trends.

Overall, AskNicely's solutions have greatly benefited us by enhancing our customer satisfaction efforts, driving continuous improvement, and ultimately strengthening our customer relationships.

See Edward’s review here. 

Stuart H. 

Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)
September 2023 

“Amazing customer insights” 

What do you like best about AskNicely?

Customer insights and feedback and easy access to the real world experience. The customer experience that we are able to provide is directly a result of the feedback we are getting through AskNicely. 

What problems is AskNicely solving and how is that benefiting you?

Customer journey and feedback and then being able to call them back and explain why what happened happened. Our customers are often pleasantly surprised to actually get a response and feel listened to.

See Stuart’s review here. 

Dynes. A

Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)
August 2023 

“Comprehensive tool, easy to use interface, great customer support.” 

What do you like best about AskNicely?

The interface is very comprehensive - enough for us to use across many thousands of corporate travel customers and provide feedback to hundreds of accounts. Very easy to use and set up. We looked at many providers before deciding AskNicely was the best fit for us.

What problems is AskNicely solving and how is that benefiting you?

We get immediate feedback from clients and can action or provide this to various departments without our business to track improvements.

See Dynes’s review here. 

Lauren W.

Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)
November 2022

“Gathers Important Voice of the Customer Data & Quick Support Responses”

What do you like best about AskNicely?

You can use AskNicely to gather important information from your customers. You can break the data out by specific products, which allows us to understand which products are doing well and which need more help. Also, you can hear right from the customer when they leave a comment. This gives us valuable insight.

What problems is AskNicely solving and how is that benefiting you?

Allows us to capture the voice of the customer efficiently. We can hear feedback from a wider array of customers, not just people who decide to leave a review on our website or from the retailer they bought it from. We can be more customer-centric this way.

See Lauren’s review here. 

Customer Stories 

Jiffy Lube 

Jiffy Lube is a vehicle maintenance service company. Whether you need your oil changed, or you need a new battery, wiper blades, or vehicle light Jiffy Lube technicians are dedicated to providing quality, expert services to their customers. 

Rob Arthur, Director of Business Development, leads the Ontario franchise network of 22 JiffyLube stores. Rob wanted a partner to help move the business into the future. After years of seeing what wasn't working, he made the proposal to team up with AskNicely, which is now used across their network.

Here’s a few quotes from Rob: 

“Using AskNicely, we now understand what customers think of the experience and how to improve it in real-time. It’s also created an environment of betterment for our employees” 

Our NPS is going up and up, and it’s because we have the ability to look at, and act upon customer feedback in real time.

“What we love about AskNicely is that it’s easy, simple, and not complicated” 

Read the full Jiffy Lube customer story here. 

Ericson Insurance 

Ericson Insurance Advisors is a personal and business insurance advisory targeting high-net individuals. With teams in Connecticut, New York, Boston, and Florida, their tight-knit team is dedicated to providing tailored insurance programs to the unique needs of their clientele. 

Before AskNicely, Ericson had no customer feedback system in place. Occasionally, Spencer would receive negative feedback that would be manually routed back to managers and client advisors if something went wrong. 

With AskNicely, each frontline associate is connected to real-time client feedback, which recognizes success and provides clear guidance for areas to improve. 

Positive reinforcement is super powerful” – Spencer M. Houldin, President of Ericson Insurance

Read the full Ericson Insurance customer story here. 

Aptive Environmental 

Aptive Environmental is the fastest growing pest control company in the world, on a mission to disrupt their industry with superior customer experience. Founded in 2015, Aptive entered the market with one key objective; to provide a stellar service that makes homes everywhere safer, more secure, and free of pests and problems. 

Using AskNicely has transformed how we work with our field service team. We have already seen a dramatic rise in our lowest performers toward our best performers leading to a 28 point NPS increase. The rework cost we are saving alone pays for the tool and we have a lot more we can do now that we have AskNicely.” — Dane Dellenbach, Sr Director of Strategy and Innovation. 

Read the full Aptive Environmental Insurance customer story here. 

Stay Upright 

If you want to learn how to ride a motorcycle in Australia, it’s likely you’ll come across Stay Upright - the country's favorite motorcycle school. For over 40 years their passionate team have been providing expert motorcycle training for commuters, adventure riders, cross country bikers and everyone in between. Stay Upright’s expert knowledge and experience has resulted in well earned growth across Australia, with over 30 schools across 3 time zones employing 160 dedicated frontline instructors. 

Here’s what the instructor and managing director have to say about AskNicely: 

"It’s a fantastic tool to see what your customers think of the service provided”— John Perrin, Stay Upright Instructor
It’s great to get instant feedback” – Geoffrey Nocher, Stay Upright Instructor

The instructors love it! It’s also giving managers a really great way to connect with their instructors every day”  — Annaliesse Cawood, Managing Director. 

Read the full Stay Upright customer story here. 

First Commonwealth: 

First Commonwealth is a consumer-friendly alternative to banking, cooperatively owned and customer driven. Their mission is to improve the financial lives of their neighbors and their businesses through customer centricity, integrity, excellence, accountability and inclusion. Today, First Commonwealth is the largest credit union in the Lehigh Valley with 11 financial centers serving more than 70,000 members and 1,300 employer groups. 

AskNicely has helped us understand members' perspective of their experience. We can now coach and develop our teams to excel at service delivery, based on what actually matters to our members.” — Damaris Sirop, VP Director Member Experience. 

Read the full First Commonwealth customer story here. 


DebitSuccess is one of the largest full-service direct debit management services in Australia and New Zealand. DebitSuccess has offices in Auckland, Denver, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane, and currently initiates over 22 million transactions annually, for more than 3000 businesses. The DebitSuccess frontline team takes on the critical role of keeping those 3000 accounts happy, coming back for more and referring fellow businesses.

AskNicely changed our coaching conversations. We now have regular examples of excellent customer service to coach from, and our team leads actually compete to get to the top of the AskNicely leaderboard” — Wayne Pointon, Global General Manager, Service Delivery. 

Read the full DebitSuccess customer story here. 

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