AskNicely Product Year in Review: 2023

AskNicely Team

It's been an incredible year of product development at AskNicely in 2023. With new features from AI themes to report cards, join us as we reflect on some of the most impactful product updates and launches of the year that’s been. 

March 2023: TV Dashboard Overhaul

Marching into 2023, our AskNicely TV dashboard (which is used to display NPS scores and customer feedback) got a makeover. We improved the look and feel of the dashboard making it more interactive and compelling for businesses with large teams and/or many locations. It now rotates through the leaderboard every 30 seconds and celebrates comments from promoters. The themes table can also be hidden to simplify the view and insights on display. 

June 2023: Goals and Recognition Program, Powered by the new AskNicely Frontline App 

In June, we launched Goals and Recognitions - the first frontline worker recognition program that goes beyond powerpoints and ad hoc praise to truly motivate the team member in instant, consistent and meaningful ways. It changes how every team thinks about customer experience, how location managers coach their teams, raises the appreciation level of the frontline teams across the company, and more. 

Watch the video to see how recognition can work.

With this program:

  • Every frontline worker can track progress towards personal NPS goals and see the latest feedback from customers at a glance. All from their phone.

  • Managers get at-a-glance diagnostics to see who needs attention today and how to help them.

  • You can ‍‍‍create a recognition moment for every employee every month.

Learn more here. 

October: AskNicely Report Cards

October brought the launch of AskNicely report cards, a simple but powerful feature that allows both managers and employees to see exactly what they’re nailing, what they need to work on, their NPS score and how they are tracking towards certain goals and milestones. 

Report card features include: 

  • A monthly data-driven breakdown 
  • Real-time insights
  • Ability for managers to add personalized feedback, recognition and praise. 

Learn more here. 

November: New Workflow Tags & Enhanced Reporting 

In November, workflow organization reaches new heights. The new workflow tags feature enables workflows to be grouped and sorted by type, making it easier to keep track of workflows. As part of this change ‘Actions’ are now also split out into a new tab to make it faster to access. 

Plus, we've given our downloadable executive summary report a complete makeover! The new design aligns more closely with your business needs, offering customizable leaderboards, applied dashboard filters, and enhanced survey delivery metrics. The score slide now shows email and SMS survey delivery metrics, as well as the score from the previous period, along with the goal. The presentation also now supports all CX metrics, not just NPS.

December: AI Themes Launch

AI Themes from AskNicely takes the guesswork out of what your customers care about most and what’s driving your customer experience metrics. AI analyzes every bit of feedback coming in from customer surveys and automatically categorizes it into themes, providing managers with an up-to-the-minute dashboard view of what customers care about and what’s having the biggest impact on NPS. It also suggests emerging themes to start tracking based on real-time customer feedback, so you can stay one step ahead of your customer needs. 

“It's been awesome to see how AI can categorize a phrase from a customer into a theme. I’ve uncovered new insights that I otherwise wouldn't have and it’s meaningfully reduced manual tracking.” – Damaris D. Sirop, VP Director Member Experience - First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union

Learn more here. 

And that’s a wrap! As we draw the curtains on 2023, we look back on the strides we’ve made to help our customers deliver awesome customer experiences with pride. A huge shout out to the AskNicely product team who have made these features and releases throughout 2023 possible. 

AskNicely Team
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AskNicely Team

AskNicely Team
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AskNicely Team

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