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How DebitSuccess Coached Their Lowest Performers to Match Their Best

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It’s that time again. The time where we take a special moment to brag about the awesome achievements of our customers.

Miss the first one? You can read about how Aptive Environmental banished rework and coached 2500 mobile workers to deliver exceptional service here.

Today we’re talking about DebitSuccess, one of the largest full-service direct debit management services in Australia and New Zealand. DebitSuccess has offices in Auckland, Denver, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane, and currently initiates over 22 million transactions annually, for more than 3000 businesses. The DebitSuccess frontline team takes on the critical role of keeping those 3000 accounts happy, coming back for more and referring fellow businesses.

But what does keeping customers ‘happy’ mean?

What it means to Sandra from the Auckland office, might be something completely different to what it means to John from the Brisbane office...

Which brings us to the key challenge DebitSuccess were facing before using AskNicely: inconsistent service delivery.

Frontline staff in offices throughout the globe were delivering varying levels of service, which subsequently resulted in varying levels of customer satisfaction. Without consistently delivering awesome customer experiences, DebitSuccess was losing out on repeat business, referrals and ultimately revenue growth.

The solution was clear, they needed to coach, support and provide customer feedback to their frontline staff to reach a consistent level of service, delivering on the things that mattered to the DebitSuccess customers.

The tricky part was actually doing it.

How could they effectively coach, motivate and empower their hundreds of frontline team members in a cost and time effective way?

With AskNicely, of course.

DebitSuccess now celebrates and coaches their call center teams with customer feedback tied to individual performance. In a single glance, every worker can see their own customer experience score, ranking, shoutouts and areas to improve.

With this feedback loop, they've improved the results of their bottom-ranked agents by coaching for what they know drives great customer experiences, and validating awesome work when it happens.

Since implementing AskNicely, they've fostered a positive competitive culture among their team leads, with everyone wanting to win on AskNicely leaderboard. Managers are able to provide broad training on common themes, and personalized 1:1 coaching on specific customer feedback.

“AskNicely changed our coaching conversations. We now have regular examples of excellent customer service to coach from, and our team leads actually compete to get to the top of the AskNicely leaderboard” — Wayne Pointon, Global General Manager, Service Delivery.

No longer are frontline team members told to ‘do better’, but they have a benchmark for what better looks like. Sanda and John now have the same idea of what it means to keep customers happy. The frontline also feels better, with the support, feedback and coaching they need to succeed.  

The results are awesome! If we do say so ourselves.

Individual solution center agents saw dramatic improvement in their performance. Agents who ranked in the bottom third, increased on average 21.5 NPS to more closely match the high performers. As lower performers improved, their morale, motivation and sense of empowerment grew with them.

This new coaching culture that’s been so epic for Debit Success’s team, has directly impacted their bottom line. Individual success was mirrored in the performance of the firm overall and individual improvements added up to increase the firm’s NPS score by a whopping 20.8 points.

DebitSuccess went from having an inconsistent service delivery and a lack empowerment amongst frontline employees, to winning on customer experience and satisfaction through real time customer feedback and evidence based coaching conversations

Want to learn more about the very platform DebitSuccess used to get their lowest performers to match their best? Learn more about AskNicely here.

AskNicely Team
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AskNicely Team

AskNicely Team
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