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The Ultimate Coaching Platform for Mobile Workers

AskNicely helps you coach, motivate, and empower your frontline workers to make every customer experience awesome.

frontline worker wearing apron looking at coaching message on smartphone

Designed for Frontline Addiction

A mobile platform based on the latest in behavioral psychology. It’s like Fitbit for Feedback.

Every Employee Gets a Coach

One-off training doesn’t cut it. In a single glance, every worker can see their own customer experience score, ranking, shoutouts and areas to improve. All on their phone.

personal scorecard for frontline worker shows performance in key areas and coaching tips

Power to Take Action

Don't put customers "on hold". Empower your frontline teams to immediately follow up with every customer. Get reviews and referrals from happy customers or fix problems, right from their phone. 

negative feedback from customer and positive response from company

Make the Frontline Experience Awesome

Stop scheduling employee engagement. Make frontline feedback, recognition, ideas, and development a regular feature of every day, with simple tools and clever automation.

frontline tool example shows shoutout to frontline worker for doing a good job

The Frontline Coaching Playbook

Discover the 7 Habits of world-class brands that rely on frontline workers to make every customer experience awesome.

Download the Book
Frontline Coaching Playbook. The Seven Habits of Empowered Frontline Teams

Time to start leading from the frontline?

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