Connect your frontline to the bottom line

Help your managers to quickly see who needs support, who needs recognition, and which customers need attention at the start of every day. Understand what separates your best performers from the rest, and help everyone reach that gold standard.

Using AskNicely has transformed how we work with our field service team. We have already seen a dramatic rise in our lowest performers toward our best performers leading to a 28 point NPS increase.

Dane Dellenbach, Sr Director of Strategy and Innovation

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See at a glance how every location is performing

Your daily customer feedback overview, sliced and diced just how you like it. Compare locations, branches, and spot trends that require action. See what separates your best from the rest, and develop a blueprint for everyone to follow.

Make every manager a super coach

Quickly see who needs support and who deserves a shoutout. Easily send a message, and set personal goals for frontline employees based on customer ratings that unlock achievements over time.

customer feedback survey on any device flexible feedback email, SMS or web
The best customer feedback software

Build better connections with your team

Get a daily diagnostic of employee sentiment and engagement and put attention where it’s most needed. Open the door to two-way communication and gather ideas from the people serving customers daily.

Customer follow-up made easy

Understand how to take action on customer feedback. Make things right in the moment for unhappy customers, and trigger requests for reviews or referrals from the folks you've delighted.

customer feedback survey on any device flexible feedback email, SMS or web

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