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Integrate Qualtrics survey data with AskNicely and make your feedback actionable by putting it directly into the hands of your frontline. Visualize the impact of customer experience across locations, teams, employees, and understand who is having the biggest impact on your bottom line and why.


Automatically survey your Salesforce contacts and see their ratings and responses in Salesforce with AskNicely's full two-way integration. NPS data is automatically pulled back into Salesforce and stored against the contact record or rolled up into a Salesforce dashboard view. Run your whole NPS program without ever having to leave Salesforce.


Seamlessly import smart lists from Hubspot into AskNicely, then deliver surveys and reminders at the right time for the customer. NPS data is automatically synced back into HubSpot meaning you can score, filter and trigger campaigns from survey data.


For ultimate flexibility and customization, AskNicely integrates with Zapier, allowing you to access a range of pre-built ‘Zaps’ and build custom integrations with an impressive line-up of over 750 different apps.


Full two-way integration can be used to trigger NPS surveys at different points in your customer engagement – use Intercom’s rich behaviour monitoring and segmenting to select the right customers at the right time.

Microsoft Dynamics

Full two-way integration with Microsoft Dynamics. Sync contacts, along with custom field data into AskNicely from Dynamics and trigger surveys. NPS data is automatically pulled back into Dynamics and stored against each customer record.


Our rich two-way integration lets you automatically send a survey when a ticket is closed in Zendesk, or automatically create a ticket in Zendesk when you receive a survey response in AskNicely.


Two-way integration with JobAdder enables you to automatically survey candidates when they reach a selected stage in the application process in JobAdder. Elevate your employer brand with Candidate NPS.


Integrate AskNicely and Shopify to trigger NPS surveys to your customer after they place an order. Features the option to add a wait period to allow for delivery.


Use our integration with Mailchimp to import users from your subscriber lists into the AskNicely system. Sync existing lists and automatically sync new contacts as they’re added to your lists.


Visibility of score and feedback is one of the key components of a Net Promoter Score program. Feed updates from AskNicely into slack automatically to let the whole company know when you get feedback – immediate and fast recognition is the key to turning scores into positive action.


Integrate with your Infocare account to automatically sync data into AskNicely and get highly specific control over how you survey your contacts. Collect customer feedback at Key lifecycle stages, i.e when a child joins a daycare centre, 90 days after on boarding, then regular follow ups including an exit survey.


Synchronise AskNicely with your Cliniko health practice management system to automatically import your patients every day, and schedule surveys after their appointments.


Integrate AskNicely and Freshdesk to automatically send an AskNicely survey when a Freshdesk ticket is closed. Following up closed tickets helps keep a tight focus on how your customer service teams are performing.


Building your property management rent roll just got easier. Integrate AskNicely and Palace to automatically survey your owners and tenants. Deliver the complete customer experience.

Help Scout

Automatically send an NPS survey when a Help Scout ticket is closed. Accurately measure the performance of different support teams or agents by immediately following up tickets with an NPS survey – catch problems fast and reward good performance.


Send an AskNicely survey when any ticket is closed in Groove. Each survey request is checked against AskNicely contact rules so you can easily set limits to avoid over surveying customers.


Synchronise AskNicely with your Vonigo system to automatically import your clients ever day, and survey them to get insights about the performance of your agents and contractors.


With ClubReady, you can automatically sync your Gym Members with AskNicely and send surveys at specific points during the Membership term.


Integrate AskNicely With MINDBODY Online to automatically send an AskNicely survey after a client signs in for their class, appointment, or room booking. View results by facility, staff member, or more. AskNicely's contact rules prevent repeat customers receiving too many surveys.

Salesforce Marketing

Trigger your NPS surveys as part of a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey, and automatically send scores and customer feedback back into Marketing Cloud to unify your customer information.

Centra Commerce

Synchronise AskNicely with your Centra e-commerce account to import all your customers who placed an order in the last day, whether retail or wholesale, and automatically send surveys.


Integrate AskNicely with the Kustomer Omnichannel Service Platform to trigger NPS surveys at key points in your customer lifecycle. To fully close the loop on feedback, Kustomer presents NPS feedback in the customer timeline and allows you to segment customers and engage them proactively.

Zoho Desk

Integrate AskNicely with your Zoho Desk account to automatically send surveys when tickets are closed. Each survey request is checked against AskNicely contact rules to avoid over surveying customers.

Email Integration

As long as your system can automate sending an email, you can trigger surveys by sending a formatted email to a specific email address. Ultimate flexibility right there.

API Integration

For a fully featured integration, have a look at our API documents

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