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How Schweiger Dermatology Used Customer Feedback to Increase Online Reviews By 800%

We interviewed Julie Gessin of Schweiger Dermatology Group to gather insights into how they were able to increase online reviews from 100 in 2017 to 900+ in 2018.  That’s a 9 times increase!

The secret? Customer feedback.

Julie Gessin helped Schweiger Dermatology Increase Online Reviews 900% Using Customer Feedback

Julie Gessin, VP of Operations, Schweiger Dermatology Group

"[We had] many wins for Schweiger Dermatology Group in 2018," Julie wrote on her LinkedIn feed, “but our #netpromoterscore may be among my most proud. In 2018 our team raised our NPS score from 68 to 76.6 and received [900+] #yelp and #google reviews- with over 85% being 4 and 5 stars. Congrats to the entire SDG team on this progress to deliver the Ultimate Patient Experience. 2019 - here we go!"

Describe Schweiger Dermatology Group and its Customer Experience Philosophy

Others want to see the kind of results you are seeing with your NPS program. Please tell us about Schweiger Dermatology Group and its customer experience philosophy.

“Schweiger Dermatology Group is now the 4th largest Dermatology practice in the US. With 50 offices and over 150 medical providers, our Mission is to provide the Ultimate Patient Experience. In order to have us better define this, we need to continually understand our patient experience and what we can do to improve it,” Julie said.

Customer Feedback on an AskNicely Dashboard. Many of those giving feedback also give reviews.

The team focuses on customer feedback

“Patient satisfaction scores is one of our two company goals each year, and it is the most important. We set a standard for not just what score we want to achieve, but how we want to achieve it. Each person then feels responsible for their role in achieving our mission.”

Who are the influencers that inspire and inform your customer experience goals?

“We don’t just compare [ourselves] against other healthcare service companies,” she said. “We chose NPS versus something more traditional in healthcare like Press Gainey because we wanted the best experience, regardless of the service provided.”

What separates a good customer experience from a great one?

A mix of standardization and personalization can separate good from great. “A good experience is [when] each patient each time has the same standard experience and knows what to expect,” Julie said.  “A great experience is that there is also some personalization to make the patient (customer) feel that they are unique and that their service is the best fit for them.”

Watching for new customer feedback that can be turned into a service review.

Customer happiness is always front and center

What's one piece of advice you would give other companies who want to improve their customer experiences?

“Read every piece of feedback consistently,” she advised. “It helps spot trends that may seem like one-off incidents or track positive trends. Also, you should share the good in real time, everyone likes to know when things are going well — not just when things aren’t going well.”

What do you think are some wider (Dermatology) industry trends for customer experience?

“The big trends are in allowing patients to interact with the office in more ways — not just calling — but also offering text, email, etc.,” Julie said. “Access to healthcare virtually is becoming important to patients.”

A good patient experience can lead to positive feedback and a positive review.

Ben Selzer, Chief Financial Officer, believes patient experience is key.

What are the three critical elements that support you and your team actioning customer feedback?

  1. Set clear goals and define what it means to have a “good experience.” It may be different for everyone.
  2. Hold each other accountable by constantly publishing your results and creating friendly competition.
  3. Make sure everyone who interacts with clients or patients have it top of mind – even if it means adding it to incentives for employees.

What are the top three ways customer feedback has changed your business?

ROI of a customer feedback initiative can be calculated by analyzing an increase in reviews generated.

Donte Watkins, Integration, and Rob Guillory, Integration and Operations review trends.

“Customer feedback has given us many insights,” Julie said. “Below are the top three:

  1. It allows us to see trends and to make adjustments in real time.
  2. It allows us to feel proud of our product by using a standardized metric.
  3. Employee satisfaction and Patient satisfaction are related, so we know it's about focusing on both to change the outcomes."

What business impact has your NPS program had? Can you share a general ROI that you are excited about?

“We have seen significant increases in our Yelp and Google reviews,” Julie said. In fact, their weekly average Yelp reviews doubled after implementing their new program. That’s because they are able to capture happy customers at the right time and give them the right action to take: please leave a review.

Can you share any of the tactics you used with AskNicely to gain so many reviews?

Watching for alerts via the real time customer feedback dashboard.

Christina Blanchard, Integration, ensures the right information gets to the right person at the right time.

We used AskNicely’s automated workflow capabilities to capture patients almost immediately after leaving us. Our location managers also use the internal AskNicely emailing abilities to reach out to patients directly thanking them for feedback and continuing the relationship.

How did you encourage promoters to leave a review? Did you offer them a link to their specific location to leave a review?

We have processes in place to request public feedback from promoters (those who gave us a 9 or a 10 score), and included links for their convenience.

Can you tell me how many more reviews you got implementing your surveys vs prior?

We began implementing AskNicely in November of 2018.  In just the last two months of 2018, we were able to increase online reviews by double.

Customer feedback and online reviews are a key growth strategy for multi-location B2C businesses.

Schweiger is now the 4th largest dermatology group in the USA.

What is the business impact of online reviews in Dermatology?

According to a 2016 Local Consumer Review Survey up to 70% of happy consumers would be glad to write a review, but no one asks them to do it. In that same study, 31% of healthcare consumers check reviews online before taking action.In Dermatology, online reviews drive business success. According to, the value of online reviews can be calculated with real numbers. Consumers are more likely to pick higher-quality procedures based on reviews given, and bookings go up as reviews increase.

Schweiger Dermatology patients and employees.

By automating their customer feedback, Schweiger Dermatology group was able to better action their feedback and increase online reviews which drove growth. The bottom line is Schweiger wanted to be the best in their field so they set out to create the best in customer feedback by actioning their feedback. The side effect is their ability to drive over 900+ reviews posted online. By actioning their customer feedback, Schweiger Dermatology Group has taken its NPS to the next level.

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