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5 Key Benefits of Customer Experience Software

How do you get a detailed read on customer experience? Deploy, collect, and analyze as many customer surveys as possible, as often as possible, as effectively as possible.

A Salesforce survey found that 84% of customers say that the experience provided by a brand is just as important as its products and service.

Could you do that from scratch with some spreadsheets and the best coders in your office? You could. It would take a heck of a lot of time to build your own system, and there would lots of learning experiences along the way as you engineer it all.

That’s why businesses that believe in NPS and other metrics use customer experience software. It performs the lion’s share of labor required for customer experience metrics – and does it at scale, with speed and precision while you focus on running your business. 

How does a software platform support your customer survey campaigns and ultimately your business performance and customer relationships? Here are five big ways.

Streamlined Workflow

Departments in an office are too often siloed. Customer experience metrics are a great way to get every team across the business speaking a common language. And that conversation doesn’t stop with a handful of Net Promoter Scores.

Over the course of their typical journey, one customer will interact in some way with the people or products of your marketing department, sales team, product engineers, web designers, and help desk.

With customer experience software, each of those departments can track their own data and learn from other teams. How?

  • One central space to engage customer experience metrics
  • Customizable desktops so every member can engage the campaign on their own terms
  • Real-time data updates provide a dynamic and current portrait of every step in the customer journey

Smarter Spending

When it comes time to allocate resources, it helps to know which operations are succeeding and which ones need support. Customer experience software provides clarity and nuance to confidently make those decisions.

Granular data

The platform maintains customer experience data for each department, product, and function. You’re able to further segment data according to customer data for an even more precise read on the situation.


Deploying surveys, collecting surveys, following up with people who abandoned surveys... By automating that labor a platform can save you precious human labor hours.

API Integrations

All of those CRM, mail, and checkout interfaces you've already incorporated to your workflow to make your life easier and your business more efficient? The customer experience software you choose should work within those refined systems too. 

Expert Guidance

Stepping into a ready-made system that is designed and maintained by experts isn’t simply about saving time and money. It’s about setting yourself up to thrive.


Never made a survey before? No problem. A software platform can guide you through the most basic and provide tools that will perfect the details.


A reliable customer experience software platform not only frees up intellectual and creative energy for other projects, it also means one less thing to worry about. In other words: relief. Behind your cloud-based platform is a team of knowledgeable support staff who pay attention to details.


When you're collecting more customer feedback than you ever thought possible, you'll need a secure place to keep, a reliable way to organize it, and a sensible way to sort it. Software provides all of these things and provides you intuitive modes of access.

Unified Customer Profiles

When you know who customers really are, you're better equipped to give them what they want (most customers these days expect nothing less). To truly know customers you need to see them from numerous perspectives at once.

Customer experience software promotes unified customer profiles by integrating data about individuals from touchpoints across their customer journey as well your CRM and any other databases you maintain.


Why did someone rate your customer help desk with a 3 out of 10? What product did they purchase? Did they engage the help desk via phone or web? Which customer service agent helped them? Is there a transcript of the exchange? Answering these questions requires data that a team of humans simply doesn’t have the time or reach to collect on their own.


Software allows you to segment data according to demographic details about respondents for better micro and macro level analysis. If a major contingent of the criticisms about your online shopping cart are coming from, for example, people who shop on mobile, you know it's time to get your web team involved.

Survey Optimization

Some people never check their email while others open every email they receive – insights like this will allow you to deliver surveys to every respondent on the platform where they're most likely to engage.

Decreased Churn

Customer experience software provides insights that inform your actions far beyond survey responses and workflow design. The result is more satisfying customer relationships – especially when relationships get rocky.

Macro-Level Churn Control

Software allows you to identify profiles and demographics who are most likely to leave your brand for another. With this knowledge, you can try to salvage the relationship and lower your churn. This might mean a new targeted promotion for demographic groups that have been rating their experience poorly.

Individual Outreach

Open-text questions on surveys will deliver you very personal stories – good and bad – from customers themselves. Individual profiles in a software platform empower you to reach out directly to individuals who need higher touch. Studies have shown that direct response to customer complaints online leads to better sales. Whether or not your direct engagement instantly improves that customer's experience, it shows that your brand cares.

Customer Experience Software Improves Your Own Experience

An investment in metrics like NPS is ultimately an investment in customer relationships. Software allows a business to make the most of this investment.

Customer experience software allows a business to make the most of this investment. It does this by providing a shared space for all departments to engage customer satisfaction – creating dialogue across teams in the process.

It sharpens and clears your view of any customer touchpoint you choose. It provides a richer portrait of your customers along the way too. The more you know about your customers and their preferences, the better equipped you are to connect with them directly, in good times and bad.

A platform designed by experienced professionals takes the burden of designing a customer experience metric infrastructure off of your team's shoulders. We are excited to provide that support for many different companies.See how we might best fit your company today.

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