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Case Study: How Debitsuccess Improves Customer and Employee Retention with NPS

Ever think about just how many debit transactions happen on any given day? Debit card purchases, membership dues, utility bills, childcare, tuition… it boggles the mind. So who manages the millions upon millions of daily transactions? Debitsuccess, for one.

Debitsuccess, a part of Transaction Services Group, is a full-service direct debit payment processor. With humble beginnings in the fitness industry, they have grown dramatically to offer billing, customer call center management, and collections in all kinds of industries. They initiate a staggering 22 million transactions per year, and growing. That’s 22 million opportunities to get the customer experience right — or wrong.

Getting feedback straight to the front line

A key requirement for their success is to get customer feedback into the right hands at the right time. With so many transactions, the constant stream of feedback could easily become overwhelming. Debitsuccess uses automated workflows to ensure that responses are quickly and correctly routed to their front line teams for immediate action. How do they determine which responses flow to which team members? With a sophisticated segmentation plan.

High volume requires a detailed plan

What made makes Debitsuccess an interesting study in NPS is their detailed segmentation strategy. With their kind of volume, it was critical to have a plan in place to make their scores and feedback useful and actionable. “The sheer number of transactions is so large that a customer feedback program wouldn’t make any sense without a thoughtful segmentation strategy,” Wayne Pointon, Chief Customer Officer for Transaction Services Group Australasia, told us. With this in mind, they carefully segment their feedback responses based on customer profiles. Debitsuccess also segments their responses based on which service agent the customer worked with. They use this data to set employee KPIs around their scores. Based on feedback and scores received, agents can be identified for coaching opportunities or recognized for outstanding service.

What happened next?

Debitsuccess has seen their overall score rise by over 8 points to 44.6, and some days it reaches even higher. They now consistently sit in the above-average range for the Financial Services industry. They have also seen a notable reduction in customer AND employee churn.Download the full case study to find out how Debitsuccess achieved all of the above and more with Net Promoter Score.


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Jenny Mayo

Jenny is AskNicely’s Marketing Coordinator. Her experience in both tech and hospitality give her a keen understanding and passion for customer experience. Outside the office walls, you can find Jenny hula hooping, crocheting unicorn hats for her friends, or walking her canine child, Stella (who may or may not have a tiny unicorn hat of her own).

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