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Ask Abby Nicely: How Can I Leverage My NPS Promoters?

Turning NPS Promoters Into Proactive Advocates

Dear Abby,

How can I leverage my NPS Promoters and their feedback for referrals and growth?

Last time we talked about what do with your detractors, but more and more customers have been asking for a strategy around what to do with their NPS promoters.  Look no further! Here are 4 ideas about how to get your promoters to become proactive.

Advocate Their Success

At AskNicely, we started CX Obsession, where we invite not only our own customers, but customer-obsessed companies to speak about their special wow moments — those moments that stick out to them and remind them about how, at the end of the day, it all comes back to a happy customer.  NPS is the perfect tool to capture these moments in real time. Our testimonial feature is also a great way to showcase this feedback.  

Ask For A Reference

Referrals, referrals, referrals!  Customer success is a constant flywheel, it doesn’t just end with an NPS score.  Think about when you had a great customer experience. I once had a negative experience at the gym, and left some feedback, not expecting to hear anything in return.  The next day, a manager reached out to me and let me know that this was brought up at their team meeting. Another staff member also went out of their way to reach out to me in person. The way their team was so proactive about turning this around for me completely overshadowed any bump in the road that I could have experienced, and now I’m definitely a Proactive Promoter for them, telling the story of their awesome customer service.

Invite Promoters to Test Beta Features

Do you have new product releases or features?  Promoters are a great target audience! This continues to build on the relationship and continues to grow the trust and transparency established.  Often times, the best features are built off of direct customer feedback and requests. It allows their voice to direct and navigate what features and needs are important to them as the end user.If your Product team is thinking about the best way to start putting together a Customer Advisory Board, your promoter segment should be your first stop.  

Follow Up With Them

Like my gym experience, a small “Thank You For Your Feedback” goes a long way.  If you’ve ever responded to any of AskNicely’s personal NPS surveys, you know that it’s not uncommon to get a personal Thank You from Leah, our VP of Customer Success & Advocacy, or even our CEO, Aaron Ward.  People love being heard and feeling acknowledged. After all, they’re the heart of what keeps our companies going.Have any questions about how to set any of these suggestions up?  Don’t hesitate to send me an email!

About the author

Abby Castro

Hailing from Oklahoma, Abby Castro is no stranger to hospitality — which makes perfects sense that she is AskNicely’s Customer Success Guru in residence. She braves the world one day at a time as single mom to our office dog, Aucklynn. Oh, and she was in a telenovela. No big deal.

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