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Set up your frontline employees to crush it, every day

Nail every customer encounter by arming every frontline worker with three key pieces of information every day: what they're doing well, what to work on, and why it matters. Engage your frontline with coaching and recognition, personalized for them every day, fueled by feedback from their customers.

We can now coach and develop our teams to excel at service delivery, based on what actually matters to our members.

Damaris Sirop, VP Director Member Experience

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Focus your frontline on what matters

To be effective, your team needs to know exactly what to work on every day. Send personalized coaching to every team member, straight to their device. Create coaching tips, reminders, and prompts based on real feedback from their own customers.

Encourage awesome to happen more often

Build a culture of appreciation, recognize awesome work and reinforce what "good" looks like. Send shoutouts from managers and teammates, and let people earn key achievements over time.

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Build a strong, connected team

Keep your finger on the pulse. Gather suggestions from the folks at the frontline, and run automated check-ins to understand how your team is feeling day-to-day.

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