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The Nicest Way to Get Feedback

Award winning customer feedback software that’s rated #1 by G2 and loved by thousands.

Start Conversations, Not Interrogations

Automatically collect customer feedback at the right time with customizable client surveys. Send via email, SMS, or web for industry-leading response rates. Track any customer experience metric including NPS, 5-Star, CSAT or Customer Effort Score. 

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Feedback Where your Teams can See it

Publish feedback while it’s fresh to the right screen for each role. AskNicely's online customer feedback system publishes directly to our mobile app, TV dashboards, Powerpoint, Slack, and 40+ CRM platforms including Salesforce. 

Designed for Action and Advocacy

Drive reviews and referrals or put things right for your customer with built-in response, escalation, and workflow management tools. Ensure your customers get speedy responses to their feedback using AskNicely or your own CRM.

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We wrote the book on using customer feedback for Growth

All of the research out of the AskNicely lab about measuring and improving NPS in one definitive e-book.
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