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Introducing AskNicely TV NPS® Dashboard

Real-time NPS® TV Dashboard.

At a glance track NPS® by product, channel, rep, anything.

Share real-time insights with your entire team and empower them to take immediate action to drive retention, upgrades, reviews and referrals.

Focus your entire team on NPS® and start transforming your customer experience today.


Collect Feedback
Collect Feedback

Simple one-touch surveys delivered via mobile friendly email or within your website, product or app. Automatically collect customer feedback on a daily basis. Integrate your CRM (eg. Salesforce) to trigger feedback requests after specific events or timeframes.

  • Email

    Easy to set up, mobile friendly email with your brand colours and logo. High deliverability, standards compliant email servers mean you have the option of sending from your own domain, not a generic third party.

    • High response rate and non-intrusive
    • Email templates include your brand colors and logo
    • Option to send from your own email domain
  • SMS

    A short text message with link to open survey in any smartphone browser. An extra delivery charge applies for SMS which varies depending on volume and region(s). Multiple message and survey templates are also supported by SMS.

    • Ideal where email details aren’t available
    • Opens survey with mobile friendly link
    • Additional delivery charges vary by region and volume
  • In-app

    Easily pop-up an NPS survey at the bottom of your mobile app, web app or website. A short, secure piece of embed code gives you the instant ability to survey customers right when they’re engaging with your brand.

    • Ideal for online stores and apps - reach customers at the exact right point in time
    • Easy and secure javascript embed code
    • Mobile friendly pop-up customised to your brand colors

Survey Branching Logic
Ask follow-on questions based on NPS score.

Fully Configurable
Easily create surveys with your wording, your logos and your colors.

Your Domain
Email surveys from your chosen domain and email address.

Multi-Language, Multi-Brand
Send surveys for different brands, in multiple languages.

One Click Integration
Connect AskNicely with your CRM or HelpDesk software without any coding.

Regular Sampling
Set AskNicely to automatically survey a sample of the customers in your CRM every month.

Triggered Delivery
Set AskNicely to automatically survey customers after specific events. Fatigue Protection prevents over-surveying.

Fast Survey
Simply upload a list of email addresses directly into AskNicely for quickest results.

Engage the Business
Engage the Business

Share real time insights with everyone from the front line to the CEO. Track NPS by product, channel, rep, anything. Drill down into themes with text analytics.

Live Reports
Access up to minute NPS results with online dashboards, instant alerts and weekly email reports.

Real-Time Leaderboards
Rank your best segments, channels, products and agents to instantly see which business areas are creating promoters and which are creating detractors.

Advanced Filtering
Segment NPS results by any field in your CRM or HelpDesk software that is associated with the customer record. Anything!

Time-Based Charting
Track NPS over time to see the impact of specific marketing and other activities on customer intent.

Publish to Dashboards
Automatically post scores to dashboards within Salesforce or other CRMs, as well as to KPI dashboards like Klipfolio or Geckoboard.

Text Analytics
Intelligently analyze and summarize text comments into Theme Buckets to identify common factors amongst promoters or detractors.

Lifetime Data Archive
Securely store all collected feedback in AskNicely for as long as you want.

Take action. Anywhere.

A powerful way to embed real time customer feedback in your daily routine.

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Close the Loop
Close the Loop

Empower your team to take immediate action to drive retention, upgrades, reviews and referrals. Build automated workflows in AskNicely or your CRM.

Immediate Action
Respond to customer feedback directly, either from inside AskNicely, or from your own CRM or HelpDesk software. Route escalations automatically via email or Slack.

One-Click Testimonials
One click workflow to request permission and publish positive comments to your website. See it in action!

Social Influence
See which social networks your customers use and their follower counts.

Automated Responses
Create rules either in your CRM in or in AskNicely to deal with responses to feedback categories automatically and at scale.

Ratings Request
Automatically request reviews on Google Reviews (or Yelp, TrustPilot and more) from your promoters.

Target automated marketing based on NPS score
With integrations to a range of popular automation platforms, easily use NPS score to trigger campaigns that specifically target happy or dissatisfied customers.


Trigger the next best action when a customer responds to a survey.

AskNicely’s workflow system helps you easily automate processes after receiving a response. Use it to help you get more reviews, automatically follow up low scoring customers or send a particular set of responses into Slack / Zendesk.