Connect your Frontline to the Bottom Line

Fuel excellent customer experiences with feedback, coaching and positive reinforcement to your frontline to increase return visits, reviews and referrals - all on a platform that fits in their pocket.

NPS alone falls short - actionable feedback to the frontline delivers lasting loyalty.

People Are Your Superpower

Service and experience leaders know that empowered and
motivated frontline teams drive growth and success. People
need to be coached, celebrated and see their everyday efforts
connected to shared wins for customers and company.

Frontline Friendly

Instant, individual and actionable feedback, powered by the Seven Habits of People Powered Businesses—our method, based on behavioral science and leadership development best practices—ensures adoption.

Feedback at
their fingertips

Great service is reinforced with customer feedback, delivered instantly. Service gaps are seen and easily fielded by managers. Transparency of experience builds trust and confidence in teams at brands like Uber, Lyft and Airbnb.

Powered by Positivity

Designed to build daily habits that deliver your service standards through positive reinforcement. AskNicely is dopamine driven just like your teams’ favorite fitness and meditation apps.

Consistent Coaching

Leaders in marketing, operations and employee engagement can deliver a series of messages over several days in small, easily digestible chunks - because repetition is key to develop a consistent service delivery standard across multiple locations.

Close the gap between the best and the rest

Use executive dashboards to compare performance between locations, teams, and individuals. Pinpoint star performers and what customers say they do differently.

Let's make every customer
experience awesome.

Motivate and empower your front-line teams
with real-time customer feedback
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