Connect your Frontline to your Bottom Line

Close the gap between your best performers and the rest with real intelligence delivered to real people in real time. No artificial additives. 

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Insight + Action = Business Growth

Connect customer experience improvements to repeat purchase rates, referrals and average order values.

A Results Scorecard for every Leader

No more opinions. Instantly visualize the impact of customer experience on key growth metrics (repeat purchases, referrals, spend) across locations and teams, even individual employees. 

See what Separates the Best from the Rest

“Try harder” isn’t the answer. Identify what your top performers do differently with a couple of taps. AskNicely connects all the dots from daily employee habits through to business results.

Insights Translated Into Coaching Tips, Everyday

Stop torturing the data! Make action easier. Launch automated playbooks that ensure each frontline employee is focused on the right issue, every day.

Time to start leading from the frontline?

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