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Run a winning NPS program with AskNicely's feedback software – made for businesses that love their customers.
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An NPS Tool Built for Business Growth

Companies with advanced NPS programs are more than twice as likely to achieve both >100% annual growth and net-negative churn (NPS Benchmark Study). With AskNicely's Feedback tool you fine tune your customer's experience.

Understand how you score, and see results and recommendations on any device you use: TV Dashboards, our mobile app, Powerpoint, Slack and 40+ CRM systems including Salesforce.

NPS Surveys Customers Actually Like

Easy, beautiful NPS surveys people want to complete. Get better response rates and understand how your customers really feel with our customer feedback software. Start a conversation, not an interrogation with prompts at the right time, surveys on any device, and followup questions that go deeper.

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Use our NPS Calculator to Score, Benchmark and Track NPS

How do you measure up?  We've made it easy to calculate your NPS ranking. Use our super simple calculator to find your score and benchmark your business.

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